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Great Maugham Collections

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The W. Somerset Maugham Collection at Texas A&M Univesity

The core of the collection was acquired by the Library from Frederick W. Frost in 1979. Frost was educated at Princeton University and worked for the Union Carbide Corporation from his graduation in 1932 until his retirement in 1966, except for four years service as an officer in the United States Navy during World War II. It was during the war that Frost's fascination with Maugham began, first reading Up at the Villa and The Summing Up. Impressed by these two books, Frost decided to read everything Maugham had written, and thus his collection began

Built over almost a forty year span, the collection contains the first edition of every book published by Maugham (as well as subsequent printings and editions), many of which are inscribed by the author. The collection also contains manuscript material, photographs, screenplays, theater programmes, periodical contributions, and secondary material. The collection is especially strong in foreign editions of Maugham's novels, with seventeen different languages represented. Also noteworthy within in the collection is a series of letters from Frost to bookdealers and fellow collectors. In the years since its acquisition, the Cushing Memorial Library has continued to add to the collection.

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I am amazed to learn of this. The incredible Loren Rothschild collection of Maugham material -- described in detail in William Somerset Maugham: A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Loren and Frances Rothschild Collection of Manuscripts, Letters, Printed Books was donated intact to Boston University.


What an amazing resource this will be for generations of scholars. So many original manuscripts, original periodicals where works appeared, correspondence (including the controversial letter to Syrie Maugham), photographs, etc. etc.

a quote: Among the items in the Rothschild collection are the original manuscripts The Gentleman in the Parlour and The Painted Veil. Thousands of additional manuscripts and typescripts, page proofs, and galleys from 1906 to 1953, and more than two hundred periodicals with the first publication of many of Maugham's works. Also included are personal documents and ephemera, audiovisual material, photographs and art of the author...

It's wonderful that this material was not broken up and sold piecemeal, like Norman Moore's collection!

and now, some of these very first editions are being put online for us ALL to use!

For example, this digital copy of Cosmopolitans is from the Rothschild collection copy:

A related link

maj 21, 2012, 8:20 pm

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The Raymond Toole - Stott collection at Univ.of California, Santa Barbara

Raymond Toole-Stott (1910-1982) was a British author, journalist, civil servant, and bibliographer of circuses and W. Somerset Maugham. He was author of Maughamiana, the Writings of W. Somerset Maugham: Being a Handlist of Works by William Somerset Maugham and of His Contributions to Certain Selected Periodicals...(Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1950), The Writings of William Somerset Maugham, a Bibliography (London: Sole distributors: B. Rota, 1956), and A Bibliography of the Works of W. Somerset Maugham (London: Kaye & Ward ). He also was author of several works on the circus, including the multi-volume Circus and Allied Arts: A World Bibliography (1958-1992)

maj 28, 2012, 7:38 pm

video of Neil Jenman, who owns the largest private collection of Maugham material