For Kerouac Fans: On the Road the movie: Website is Open. Premier Date Unset

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For Kerouac Fans: On the Road the movie: Website is Open. Premier Date Unset

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apr 14, 2012, 9:36 pm

Most Kerouac fans are aware that there has been a movie version of _On the Road_ in development for years. Francis Ford Coppola picked up the script and is producing it. That also may be known, but what is new is the trailer and the official website. This may be a good source of reading picks and recommendations. I am a big fan of Kerouac, Ginzberg, Waldman and the beats in general, so I would love if this movie inspired some renewal and some discussion.

At the risk of “shameless self promotion,” I would also like to point out that my memoir which cannot dream of attaining the prose of Kerouac or the poetry of the beats addresses and picks up many of the themes from that era.

The movie trailer is at:

For the trailer go to:

To keep up with the movie and other beat news Jerry Cimino, proprietor of the Beat Museum in North Beach, SF (Just katty corner from City Lights) has a website at

He also has a lot of links to other beat sites and news, and with the movie coming up, you may want to keep up.

In related news: Ken Babbs, life-long friend of Ken Kesey and one of the original Merry Pransters has a new book out about his experience in Viet Nam, _Who Shot the Water Buffalo_.

jun 4, 2017, 12:39 pm

Many thanks for flagging up and the Beat Museum. Will check out the trailer.
Listening to an audio of one of the best books on Kerouac I've read - Jack's Book; An oral biography of Jack Kerouac by Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee. A riveting series of interviews by the people he was close to and the acquaintances who dipped in and out of his life.

Redigeret: jun 17, 2017, 6:02 pm

>2 campionlugg: Sounds very interesting.