Works CueCat without Numpad?

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Works CueCat without Numpad?

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jan 24, 2012, 11:35am

Hi all,

I'm considering buying me a CueCat from LT, because even with the shipping costs to Germany it's cheaper than any other scanner I have found so far.
I would want to use it with my laptop, which doesn't have a numpad. In the FAQ I've read that the Cuecat won't work with a switched off NumberLock key. Does anyone know if it works without a numpad?

jan 24, 2012, 1:55pm

I've used a declawed Cat with a netbook, which has no number pad, and it worked fine. A computer with a number pad uses it as arrow keys if NumLock is switched off, but I would guess that one without a number pad would just accept the numbers. Note that if you don't declaw the Cat, you'll need to add a EN-US keyboard to your computer (in software), because it would get confused with a German keyboard - but if you're planning to declaw it, there's only the number pad question.

And usually a laptop without a number pad will have a hidden one on some of the letter keys and a function key that turns them on - if the Cat doesn't work, try that. But I suspect it will work without difficulty.