Kindle Fire

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Kindle Fire

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okt 26, 2011, 7:38pm

Any thoughts? I think I'll wait a bit to see how interesting it really is. I know a few people who have preordered one and I'm sure they will let me check it out. I have the Kindle1 and have loved it from the get go. Not sure I need to change anything up or add to but we will see. I looks really nice.

okt 29, 2011, 10:30am

Well, I am one of the preorderers. I couldn't resist. Color! Wheee

I adore my Kindle and I hope the Fire corrects its two glaring problems:
maps and family trees, both of which I love and neither of which are any
good at all on the Kindle.

Due out 11/15 and I can't wait. Will keep you posted.

Redigeret: nov 1, 2011, 1:19pm

I've still got my K1 somewhere around the house for back-up and I'm using a K3 now. (My K2's battery gave out past the two-year extended warranty period.)

I use my Kindles for reading, and I don't need pictures or color generally. What I want is back-lighting and good battery life between recharging.

I don't use my Kindles for web-surfing, but I do want to be able to access Google and Wikipedia on the fly, and I definitely want to be able to add to my Amazon wishlist when I see something in a brick-and-mortar but don't want to buy on the spot. This means I want 3G, because B&N understandably blocks access to Amazon on their in-store wifi network.

So I'm not going with Fire for the time being, definitely not until Amazon includes 3G. And I want "free" 3G like I've currently got on Kindle, which means I don't at all mind paying a premium purchase price but I don't want some monthly fee.

So I'll be waiting a while to see and let others be the early birds on Fire. I'm not a big fan of tablets anyway, and where I need in-my-pocketbook mobility I use a netbook.

ETA: Correction to second paragraph. I must have been sleepy. I didn't mean "back-lighting," I meant the exact opposite.

nov 24, 2011, 2:53pm

I don't get it my sister has been on the pre-order list since the Fire was announced but the stores were selling them before she even got hers. Hmmmmmmm. Guess being on the list doesn't amount to much anymore. Anyway, I'll get to see and play with the Kindle Fire coming up this weekend. CurrerBell, you are correct on why we chose the Kindle -for reading. I'm not to keen about the Wi-Fi either as I also prefer the 3G but I'll check it out soon.

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