The Princess and the Beggar.... (just another cliche)

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The Princess and the Beggar.... (just another cliche)

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jul 17, 2011, 10:13 am

once upon (how original), there was a Princess. She was the most beautiful Princess in all of ancient Greece (or Rome). She was caring, sweet, kind and she also was a warrior. One day while training for battle she saw a boy (yeah still rocking the cliche) but this boy was handsome. He had sandy hair, blue eyes like the sea, and glowing skin. He was also wounded. (Gasp from imaginary little children.) So the princess brought him to the castle where the king scolded her but with her kind heart she softened him. The Princess tended to him. When he woke up he told her who he was. Amos, son of Apollo. Her father was stunned to hear so. He instantly told the Princess that they would be wed. But Amos told the Princess this:
"M'lady you tended me while I was sick and wounded. I have not and anything to give to you. But I will marry you, and take you all over the world." He said kneeling.
"Sire, you have given me everything. I shall go on the quest with you. I wish to tend you if you are hurt in battle. I will talk a spear if that is what you wish. For you are a king in my eyes." The Princess said smiling.
"Gale! Why? You are beautiful-" The king began.
"Father who this is my choice. Don't change my mind." She said cutting him off.
One hour later the princess was on a boat sailing. Just her and Amos. When they got to their destination Gale saw why Amos was on a mission. Together they climbed up the rock cliff. AT the top they ran into action. But they were both struck down. They died, but now live happily in the underworld.
The end.