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cuecat issues searching

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maj 3, 2007, 8:19am

I have my new cuecat. It took a little while to get the knack of it. I find, somewhat oddly, that it helps to make sure the barcode is "clean" by rubbing with a cloth even briefly before hand, also, to move the device faster rather than slower, and also to experiment with the angle of the cuecat.

A couple of problems, however: now that I have the knack, I'm usually (not always) able to get a reading off the barcode into the "search" field. But a large percentage of the time, when I hit the search button, it turns up nothing at all. And then I enter the number by hand, which very often DOES work. (kind of defeats the purpose of speed, and all). Any ideas? Also, often, when the search DOES identify the book properly, it turns up two copies, so I have to delete one. Laura

maj 3, 2007, 10:14am

I've never had to 'clean' a bar code unless someone put a sticky label over it, but I guess it must do something. Your CueCat should be pretty much vertical - have you looked at the pctures in the CueCat guide?

With the no entries it looks as though LibraryThing IS finding them (hence the double entries) but the page isn't refreshing properly. If it doesn't find anything then as far as I recall the ISBN stays in the search box so that you can try a different source.

Do you have 'auto-enter' set on in the advanced options section? That might make a difference.

maj 7, 2007, 1:35pm

I just got my CC today. Works in my wife's iBook - I haven't tried yet in my Linux workstations.

I too got a number of "no matches" for books. Since I was in the "cuecat or nothing" frame of mind while trying it out, I didn't try any of those particular ISBNs. I also have not declawed my CC, so it's hard to tell if the obfuscated code from the device was the same each time I scanned and/or was actually getting the correct ISBN from the bar-code.

In other news, I begin to realize that a large portion of my library doesn't have a scannable UPC/bar-code in the first place. Olde Bookes. Grre.

maj 15, 2007, 12:07pm

You're not scanning paperbacks are you? The bar code on the outside of paperbacks isn't an ISBN bar code, the bar code you need is on the inside of the cover for many (most?, all?) paperbacks.

I find sometimes my hardcover technical books have ISBNs which are obscure and have to searched for from several sources before turning up. It happens and is not the fault of LT.

maj 15, 2007, 12:39pm

the inside of the cover for many (most?, all?) paperbacks most US trade paperbacks. Not at all true for UK paperbacks and many other countries.

If in doubt check out the CueCat guide where this is explained in more detail.

jun 20, 2007, 3:15pm

I used to work in a bookstore so I know all about scanning the barcode in the front flap of the book. I also know that many older books won't scan. However, I just got a shipment of books in that would not scan with CC. The number comes up, but it is returned as no matches. I find this odd, as I have successfully scanned over 1800 books in my library with CC, so this problem is pretty perplexing to me.

I don't have my CC declawed, should I maybe do that, or this an issue with LibraryThing?