Farber Collection online (and "The Chesterfield Carver")

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Farber Collection online (and "The Chesterfield Carver")

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maj 2, 2007, 11:10pm

People interested in New England gravestones will want to browse through the Farber Gravestone Collection online, a gallery of 13,000 images of gravestones (most of them pre-1800). This is an exceptional resource, but because it uses a specially-designed browser, it doesn't permit linking to individual images, a notable drawback. (That's the same problem we often talk about on LT with non-web-standard library catalogs.)

I've found that there are one or two stones in my local cemetery that seem to be the work of "The Chesterfield Carver" from New Hampshire, but haven't yet been able to find anything about this person beyond mention in the Farber Collection itself.