Leaving a Legacy

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Leaving a Legacy

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jan 31, 2011, 8:28 am

Reposted from the Gay Men's Group.

Who are you remembering in your will?

As a queer reader on LT you probably have a sizable GLBT collection of books, magazines and video/DVDs in your home. What will happen to your library when you have to downsize or when you die? Will your partner or family toss the books into the recycling bin? Do you have books, magazines and DVD's that you don't want your family to sort through? How will they know that you want it to be given to your local GLBT Library? (If I died tomorrow what don't I want my kid to find? yikes)

Many GLBT libraries, community centers and they're members will benefit if you remember them in your will. If you need to downsize please DONATE; don't TOSS.

If your GLBT collection is shelved "in the closet" your local GLBT library can help you out there too. You can quietly donate to your local library and no one else will be the wiser. Libraries are all about confidentiality and they can incorporate your books into their collections with or without acknowledging you as the donor.

Your local GLBT Library probably doesn't need another copy of Tales of the City or And Band Played On but there is lots of unique stuff shelved away in your home library. You can help preserve the rare and unusual materials by ensuring that the "good" stuff ends up in a GLBT library?

Your nearest GLBT Library may be in a gay and lesbian community center, church or synagogue. Maybe a local university has a GLBT research collection. If you need help in finding the best library to place your collection contact me. I can help you with this.

If you have read through this message maybe I piqued your interest. You can be part of preserving GLBT literature, eye candy and history by becoming a library donor.

Dan Iddings GLCC on LT
GLCC Library of Pittsburgh on FaceBook

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