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Finnish library jobs

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jan 18, 2011, 1:41 pm


I'm currently a student in the United States, getting ready to finish my Masters in Library Science in just a few months. I am interested in living outside the United States and am interested in Scandinavia, particularly Finland. I am curious, what are your experiences of the job market for librarians in Finland? Any thoughts you'd be willing to share with me regarding how librarians are perceived within your society, the perceived importance of libraries, etc? Thank you for reading and I look forward to any replies.


Sara Linden

jan 24, 2011, 7:41 am


I'm not sure if i can answer all your questions, but let's hope someone else will participate too.

The job market right now isn't really the best. There's quite rarely any fulltime jobs available, most of the jobs are for substitutes.

I believe librarians have a certain value to our society, the profession is respected eventhough the paychecks might not be that high anyways..

The main issue regarding you, from my point of view, is your languageskills. Can you any Finnish? I'm not really sure are there any positions where you could work without any knowledge of the Finnish language. Maybe in the bigger cities like Helsinki, Turku or Tampere - but really, i'm not sure. That in mind i would recommend you to contact the different libraries (for example in those cities) so you would know more if there's a possability for you to work here. Take a look at this site/forum You'll find all the contact information and other information on Finnish libraries from there.

jan 24, 2011, 7:52 am

I'm almost sure that without speaking Finnish (and possibly also Swedish) it won't be possible to get a job in the public libraries; however specialist libraries like those in universities, museums and other such places might be a possibility.

But yeah, the job market is not great and neither is pay (compared to typical requirements, amount of studying needed etc. it is one of the worst-paying jobs in the country) but the social status is good.