chapter 24 - Cakes and Ale

Snakfriends of Maugham

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chapter 24 - Cakes and Ale

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dec 28, 2010, 11:07 pm

The return of Driffield's bookshelves!

Miss Driffield went to the bookshevles and with a little smile, half playful, half sad, passed a rapid hand across the back of half a dozen volumes bound in blue.

"You know that Edward admired your work so much," said Mrs. Driffield. "He reread your books quite often."

"I'm very glad to think that," I said politely.

I knew very well that they had not been there on my last visit and in a casual way I took one of them out and ran my fingers along the top to see whether there was dust on it.

Edwardians never did call anyone disingenuous or liars, did they? They just "cut" people on the street. But then again, what would be gained by saying to Mrs. D "Drop the flattery. I know its hogwash." You'd think the books would all come tumbling down!