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Series that books in pjpfodl's library belong to

Summary: 3,131 Series

"Sister" Jane Arnold

The 100

2013 Eve Duncan Trilogy

2015 Eve Duncan Trilogy

20th Century Journey: A Memoir of a Life and the Times

24-hour series

44 Scotland Street

666 Park Avenue

86 Bloomberg Place

87th Precinct

9-11 Comics

Aaron Falk


Abbess of Meaux Mystery

Abe Glitsky

Abe Lieberman

Abel Jones Mysteries

Abigail Adams Mystery

Abigail Bukula

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Absolute Chronicles

Accidental Demon Slayer

Accidentally Paranormal

Act of War

Adam Dalgliesh

Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

The Adventures of Captain Alatriste

Adventures of Darcy

Adventures of Kick Keswick

Aegis Security

Aether Series

Africa in World History


Afterburn & Aftershock

Against All Expectations

Against the Odds (F. Ray)

Agatha Raisin

Age of Discovery

The Age of Roosevelt

Age of Unreason

Age of X

Agenda 21

Agent Smoky Barrett

Agnes Browne

Agnes Lüthi

Aimée Leduc Investigations

Aisling Grey, Guardian


Alan Gregory

Alan Lewrie

Alaskan Quest

Alaskan Royal Family

Albert Samson

Alchymist's Legacy

Alec Charlesworth

Alec Milius

Alejandro del Fuerte

Alex Cross

Alex Delaware

Alex Duarte

Alex Duggins

Alex McKnight

Alex Morrow

Alex Rasmussen Mysteries

Alex Rutledge

Alex St. James Mystery

Alexander Cleave Trilogy

Alexander Hawke

Alexander Karlov

Alexandra Cooper Mysteries

Alexandra Fuller Memoirs

Alexandra Merritt Mysteries

Alexei Volkovoy

Alexi Korolev

Ali Reynolds

Alice Madison

Alice Nestleton Mysteries

All Souls

Allegra Biscotti

Allen Choice

Allie Fortune

Almanac of American Politics

Alphabet Sisters

Alvirah and Willy

Amanda Bell Brown Mysteries

Amanda Brown

Amanda Jaffe

Amanda Pepper

An Amanda Thorne Mystery

Ambrose Bierce mysteries

Ambrose's Eisenhower

Amelia Peabody [Chronological Order]

Amelia Peabody [Publication order]

America in Crisis

America's Decades

America: The Last Best Hope

American Chronicles of John H. Watson, M.D.

American Classics

The American Empire Project

American Empire Trilogy

American Indian Lives

American Life

The American Military Adventure in Iraq

American Novels

American Political Challenges

American Presidency Series

The American Presidency: Origins and Development

The American Presidents Series

American Story

Amerotke: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries

AMF niebieska

An Amish Cradle

Amish Home Valley

Amish Millionaire

An Amish Mystery

Amory Ames

Amos Decker

Amos Walker

Amour et Chocolat

Amsterdam Cops

Amy Cornwall

Amy Gallup

Ana Grey Mysteries

The Analyst

Anasazi Mysteries

Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries

Anatomy of Britain

The Ancient Practices

Andi Oliver

Andrew Vachss' Batman

Andrew Yancy

Andy Carpenter

Angela Biwaban

Angela Matelli

Angelic Intervention


Angelus Trilogy

An Animals in Focus Mystery

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

Ann Lindell

Ann of Norfolk

Anna Fehrbach, the Angel

Anna Pigeon

Anna Resnikov / Finn

Anna Travis

Anne Boleyn Trilogy

Anne Cartier

The Anne Trilogy

Annemarie Zimmer

Annie Valentine

Annika Bengtzon

Ansel Phoenix

Antique Print Mysteries

Anton Rider

Appalachian Blessings

Appalachian Trilogy

April Shadows

Arcadia Project

The Arcane Society

Arcane Society Dreamlight Trilogy

Arcane Society Looking Glass Trilogy

Archie Sheridan / Gretchen Lowell

Arcturus Mystery Series

Argeneau Vampires

Aristide Ravel Mysteries

Arkady Renko

Arly Hanks

Armed and Dangerous

The Army of the Potomac

Arno and Learner Families

Arnold Morgan

Arthur St. Just

Arthurian legends

The Arthurian Merlin Saga

Artie Cohen Mysteries

Ash Levine Thriller

Ash Rashid


Ashes to Water, Rule of the Lake

Ashland trilogy

Ashley Bell

Ashley Stockingdale

Assegai Trilogy

The Assistant Series

Assistant Superintendent David 'Kubu' Bengu

Assiti Shards

Asylum Tales

The Athenian Mysteries

Atlantis Trilogy

Atlee Pine

The Atrati [Lucy Monroe]

Atticus Kodiak


Aud Torvingen

Audrey Harte

Augusta Goodnight Mysteries

Auguste Didier Whodunnit

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

Aunt Dimity

Auntie Poldi