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Summary: 554 Series


30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night - Graphic Novels

The Abbey Girls

About Britain

Acadine Poets Series

Adam Dalgliesh

After Such Knowledge

After Such Knowledge: Publication order

Airman's Odyssey

Alabaster [Kiernan]

Alan Grant

Albert Campion

Alexander Trilogy (Renault)

Alexi Korolev

Alice's Adventures

Allways Trilogy



Ancient Architecture

Annotated Alice

Answered Prayers Sextet

Anthony Horowitz's Sherlock Holmes

De Antwerpse romans

The Anubis Gates


Ariadne Oliver

Arkham Asylum

Arkham Horror novels

Armada Monster Book

Arsène Lupin

Art and Imagination

Art of Star Wars

The Ashes

Aspects of Power

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

Aunt Dimity

Auschwitz Trilogy

L'Avant-Scène Opéra

Aviary Hall

The Avignon Quintet

Barsetshire Books

The Barsetshire Chronicles


Batgirl: New 52


Batman Detective Comics: Rebirth

Batman Vol. 1 (1940-2011) (collections)

Batman/Judge Dredd

Batman: Elseworlds

Batman: Europa

Batman: Hush

Batman: New 52

Batman: Night of the Owls

Batman: The Cult

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham

Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: Zero Year

The Berlin Stories

Berlitz Essentials

Bernie Gunther

Best British Horror

The Best Horror of the Year

Best of British Science Fiction

Best weird tales of Arthur Machen

BFI Modern Classics


Biggles - Chronological List

Biggles - Dutch Chron.

Bildlexikon der Kunst

Birds of Prey Vol. 3 [2011-2014]

Black Coffee Blues

Blandings Castle

The Blood Opera Sequence

Blue Guide Literary Companions

Blue Guides

Blue Rose

The Book of Dust

The Book of the New Sun

Books of Abarat

Books of Blood

Border Trilogy


Bostock and Harris

Brenda and Effie

Britain in Pictures

British Gnomes

Buccmaster Trilogy

Burton and Swinburne

Byron's letters and journals


California Studies in the History of Art Discovery Series

Call Me By Your Name

Call of Cthulhu Fiction

Call of Cthulhu RPG

Capitalism and Schizophrenia

Captain Blood

Carey Family Chronicles

Castle of Dark

Catharine Arnold London Trilogy

Cazalet Chronicles

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Cetin Ikmen



Children of the Stones

Christian Trilogy

Chronicles of King Arthur

Chronicles of Narnia Companions

The Chronicles of Shadow Valley

Cicero Grimes and Clarence Jefferson

Cities of the Imagination

Cities of the Interior

Cities of the Red Night Trilogy



Collins Nature Guides

Colonel Pyat

Colonel Race

The Complete History of Australian Cricket

The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston

Complete Short Fiction of Aleister Crowley

The Connoisseur

Corgi Books of Great Victorian Horror Stories

The Cornelius Chronicles

The Cornwall Murders

Corto Maltese


The Country Bizarre

Cousin Rosamund Trilogy


Crumley Mysteries

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Culture Shock!

Cycle de Durtal

A Dance to the Music of Time

Daniel Knox

Danziger Trilogie

Dark Osprey

Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir

David Balfour

DC Comics - The Legend of Batman

DC Elseworlds

The Decline and Fall - Womersley

Dedalus Decadent series

Department of the Environment : Official Handbook

The Deptford Trilogy

Desmond Merrion

Devlin Waugh


DFC Library


Diaries of Franz Kafka

Dickson McCunn trilogy

Dictionary of the Khazars

Directors on Directors

Dirk Bogarde's Autobiographies


Doctor Who Annual

Doctor Who {non-TV}

Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Eshorts

Doctor Who: New Series Adventures

Doctor Who: Target Novelisations: Broadcast order

Doctor Who: Target Novelisations: Publication order

Dolphin Ring Cycle - Chronological order

Dolphin Ring Cycle - Publication order

Dorothy Merlin trilogy

Dr. Thorndyke

Drawn and Quarterly Moomin Full Color Comic Strips

Drearcliff Grange School

Duc de Richleau


Dune: Complete Chronology

The Duport Inheritance

Eagle of the Ninth Trilogy


Edward Leithen stories


Elizabeth and Her German Garden


Empire Trilogy

Enchanted World

English Men of Letters

Les enquêtes de Nicolas Le Floch, commissaire au Châtelet

Enthusiast Color Series

The Equinox

Erast Fandorin

Erik Winter

The Eternal Champion

Eustace and Hilda

Evelyn Waugh

The Extraordinary Voyages

Eyewitness Books

The Factory Series

Father Brown

The Fear and Loathing Letters

Felix Brooke

Festa Weird Fiction

The Fiction Desk Anthologies

Fight Club