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Summary: 44 Series

American Indian Lives

American novels of muckraking, propaganda, and social protest

Bison Book

Buffalo Woman

Bulletin of Mikwaukee Public Museum

Bureau of American Ethnology: Annual Report

Canyon Country Series

Coronado Cuarto Centennial Publications, 1540-1940

Dances With Wolves

Earthsong Collection

Echoes of the Ancient World

The First North Americans

Gabriel Du Pre

Great Episodes

The Historical Atlas of World Mythology

Indians of America

Indians of North America

International Folk Tales

Jim Chee

Knee Deep in Thunder Trilogy



Little Big Man series

The Little Wisdom Library

Love Medicine

Manners, Customs, and Condition of the North American Indians

Memoirs of the Laboratory of Anthropology

Molly Bearpaw

Native American Studies

Native Americans of the Northeast

New World Archaeological Record

North American Indian thought and culture

Novel of Discovery

Owl Calls

Perennial Philosophy

Spanish Bit Saga

Spanish Bit Series

Spanish Bit Spinoffs

The Story of Man Library

Sunset Travel

Wind River

World Folklore Series

Yale Historical Publications Series

Yale Western Americana