Book Series for happyfly

Series that books in happyfly's library belong to

Summary: 53 Series

The American Empire Project

The American Trilogy

The Art of Happiness

Art of Mentoring

The Australian Trilogy (Courtenay)


Beckett's Trilogy

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Border Trilogy


Cycle of the Absurd

Detective Jude Fontaine Mysteries

Edward Stanton

The Fearlanders

Fight Club

Four Past Midnight

The Great Philosophers

Harold Fry


Island of the Blue Dolphins

Joe Talbert

John Dies At The End

Leadership Fables


Leo Demidov

Lonesome Dove

Mark Forsyth's Ternion Set

Max Rupert

Modern Scholar

Mountain Man

Nameless Detective

Nantucket Event

Nick Twisp

The Night Trilogy

A Novel of the Change


Oz : Famous Forty

The Reckoners

Remarque's Great War Duology

Remembrance of Earth's Past


Sigrid Ødegård

Stephen King Hard Case Series

The Stone Man

The Talisman Series

Until the End of the World

Warm Bodies

What Einstein...

What if?

Will Barrett

Wisdom of Pooh

World War II Saga

Zoey Ashe