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Summary: 275 Series

Admiral John Geary

The Adventures of Conrad Stargard

The Adventures of Hector Lynch

Alliance of Light

Amos Malone

Après Dune

The Arrandin Trilogy

The Belgariad

Belgariad universe

Big Planet

Bill, the Galactic Hero

Blade Runner

Book of the Ancestor

The Broken Empire

The Broken Empire World

The Cadwal Chronicles

Captains Outrageous

The Celestial Triad

Chaoswar Saga

Childe Cycle

Children of the Stars

Chronicle of the Fallers

Chronicles of Amber

Chronicles of the Custodians

Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution

Civilizations Rise and Fall

CoDominium Internal Chronology


Commonwealth Saga

Commonwealth Universe

Conan's Journeys

Conclave of Shadows


Crystal Singer Trilogy

Cyanide & Happiness



The Dancers at the End of Time

The Dark Tower

Darkwar Saga

The Demon Princes

Desolation Road


Deverry Cycle

Diamond Brothers


Discworld: City Watch

Discworld: Death

Discworld: Gods

Discworld: Graphic Novels

Discworld: Rincewind

Discworld: Tiffany Aching

Discworld: Witches

Discworld: Young Adult

Dozois Year's Best Science Fiction

Dragon Knight


Drenai: Chronological order


Dune: complete chronology

Dune: House Trilogy

Dune: The Schools of Dune

The Earth, Its Wonders, Its Secrets


Encyclopedia of Art Techniques

The End of Time

Ender's Game

Ender's Game: Extended

Ender's Shadow


Engineer Trilogy

The Eon Series

Die Erben von Midkemia

The Eternal Champion

The Expanse


Fantastic Voyage

The Farseer Trilogy

Federated Sentient Planets Universe

Final Days

Fire of Heaven [Kirkpatrick]

The First Formic War

First Uplift Trilogy

The Fisher King trilogy

Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

Footrot Flats

Forbidden Borders

Forever War


Foundation Expanded Universe

Full Spectrum

Gaean Reach

Galactic Milieu

The Giver Quartet

Gotrek & Felix

Graceling Realm


Greg Mandel

Grey Isles

The Handmaid's Tale

Hawk Queen


Heroes of Dune

His Dark Materials

Honor Harrington

Honor Harrington Universe

Honor Harrington Universe - Deutsch

Honorverse: Crown of Slaves

The Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy Novels

Hostile Takeover


In Search of Lost Time


Isaac Asimov's Robot Series

Jack West Junior

The Jedi Academy Trilogy

Jonathon Payne and D.J. Jones

Jurassic Park {Crichton novels}

The Kingkiller Chronicle

Kitchen Classics

Kris Longknife

Krondor's Sons

Könige der Finsternis

The Last Clansman

Lazarus Long

Lear's Daughters

Left Hand of God Trilogy


Legends of Dune

Legends of the Riftwar


The Liveship Traders


Lonely Planet Country Guide

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

The Lord of the Rings

The Lost Fleet


MaddAddam Trilogy

Malazan Book of the Fallen

Malazan Chronology

Malazan Empire

Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction

Mark Watney

Mars Trilogy

Maximum Ride

Merlin - mini-series novelisation

The Minotaur Trilogy

Mirror Quartet,


The Monarchies of God

Monster Blood Tattoo

Mortal Engines Quartet

The Mote in God's Eye


The Night Angel Trilogy

Night's Dawn

Nursery Crime


The Obernewtyn Chronicles

The Odyssey Sequence

Old Kingdom

The Once and Future King


Owner Sequence


Pern: Dragonriders of Pern: original trilogy {Anne McCaffrey}

Polity Universe

Polity Universe - Publication Order

Polity: Ian Cormac

Polity: Spatterjay

Princeton Field Guides

The Puppetman Quartet

Queen's Thief

The Rain Wild Chronicles

Rama Universe

Rampart Worlds

Realm of the Elderlings

The Reckoners

The Red Queen's War Trilogy

The Redemption of Althalus

Remembrance of Earth's Past

Revelation Space

The Riftwar Cycle, Alternative Reading Order

The Riftwar Cycle, Chronological Order

The Riftwar Cycle, Publication Order

The Riftwar Legacy

The Riftwar Saga

The Rigante Series

Saga of Seven Suns

Saga of the Exiles

Salvation Sequence

Sandman Slim

The Saxon Chronicles

The Searchers

Second Uplift Trilogy


Serpentwar Saga

Seven Kingdoms Trilogy