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Forlagsserier: Ace Double

Forlagsserier vist med omslag

Værker (251)

The Grinning Gismo / Too Hot for Hell af Samuel W. TaylorMys. D-01
Bad Man's Return / Bloody Hoofs af William Colt MacDonaldWes. D-02
The Big Fix / Twist the Knife Slowly af Mel ColtonMys. D-03
The Scarlet Spade / Drawn to Evil af Eaton K. GoldthwaiteMys. D-05
The Branded Lawman / Plunder Valley af William E. VanceWes. D-06
Decoy / If I Die Before I Wake af Michael MorganMys. D-09
The Brazos Firebrand / Hell on Hoofs af Leslie ScottWes. D-10
Mrs. Homicide / Dead Ahead af Day KeeneMys. D-11
Cry Plague! / The Judas Goat af Theodore S. DrachmanSF/Mys. D-13
Vultures On Horseback / Maverick with a Star af Paul Evan LehmanWes. D-14
Junkie / Narcotic Agent af William LeeMys. D-15
Germinie / Crime d'Amour af Paul BourgetMys. D-16
Shakedown [and] The Darkness Within af Scott RoneyMys. D-17
Never Kill a Cop! / Fear No More af Mel ColtonMys. D-19
Desperado Code / Double-Cross Brand af Roy ManningWes. D-20
The Key to Irunium / The Wandering Tellurian (Ace Double H-20) af Kenneth BulmerH-20
The Last Castle / World of the Sleeper af Jack VanceH-21
Lord of the Green Planet; and, Five against Arlane af Tom PurdomH-22
Quick Service / The Code of the Woosters af P. G. WodehousePot. D-25
Love in a Junk and Other Exotic Tales / The Impotent General af Menglong FengPot. D-26
The Fingered Man / Double Take af Bruno FischerMys. D-27
The Winds of Gath / Crisis on Cheiron (Ace Double H-27) af E. C. TubbH-27
Gunsmoke Kingdom / The Avenger from Nowhere af Paul EvanWes. D-28
The Fast Buck / Dead Man Friday af Ross LaurenceMys. D-29
The Lost Millennium / The Road to the Rim af A. Bertram ChandlerH-29
The World of Null-A / The Universe Maker af A. E. Van VogtSF D-31
Murder by the Pack / About Face af Carl G. HodgesMys. D-33
Death Is a Dream / Computer War af E. C. TubbH-34
Conan the Conqueror / The Sword of Rhiannon af Robert E. HowardFan./SF D-36
The Drowning Wire / Departure Delayed af Marvin ClaireMys. D-37
The Wrecks of Time / Tramontane (Ace Double H-36) af Michael MoorcockH-36
Outlaw River / Showdown at Yellow Butte af Bliss LomaxWes. D-38
Quantrell's Raiders / Rebel Road af Frank GruberWes. D-39
C.O.D. Mars / Alien Sea af E. C. TubbH-40
Death House Doll / Mourning After af Day KeeneMys. D-41
Sentinels of Space / The Ultimate Invader af Eric Frank RussellSF D-44
Law from Back Beyond / Vengeance Valley af Chuck MartinWes. D-46
Kiss and Kill / On the Hook af Joe BarryMys. D-47
Utah Blaine / Desert Showdown af Jim MayoWes. D-48
Golden Temptress / Tongking! af Dan CushmanMys./Pot. D-49
The Pictures of Pavanne / The Youth Monopoly af Lan WrightH-48
Gateway to Elsewhere / The Weapon Shops of Isher af Murray LeinsterSF D-53
The Prism / The Crown of Infinity af Emil PetajaH-51
Ambush at Coffin Canyon / Hellbent for a Hangrope af Bliss LomaxWes. D-56
Counterspy Express / Treachery in Trieste af A. S. FleischmanMys./Pot D-57
Cosmic Manhunt / Ring Around the Sun af L. Sprague de CampSF D-61
Space Chantey / Pity About Earth (Ace Double H-56) af R. A. LaffertyH-56
You'll Die Next! / Drag the Dark af Harry WhittingtonMys. D-63
The Time Mercenaries / Anthropol af Louis TrimbleH-59
Tornado / Night Fire af Juanita OsbornePot. D-65
Daybreak - 2250 A. D. / Beyond Earth's Gate af Andre NortonSF D-69
Nightrider Deputy / The Devil's Saddle af Ralph R. PerryWes. D-72
Adventures in the Far Future / Tales of Outer Space af Donald A. WollheimSF D-73
The Key to Venudine / Mercenary from Tomorrow af Kenneth BulmerH-65
The One-Shot Kid / Lobo Legacy af Nelson NyeD-78
Doom of the Green Planet / Star Quest af Dean KoontzH-70
Derai / The Singing Stones (Ace Double H-77) af E. C. TubbH-77
Atta / The Brain-stealers (Classic Ace Double D-79) af Francis Rufus BellamyD-79
An Earth Gone Mad / The Stars, Like Dust [Ace Double Edition] af Isaac AsimovD-84
Invader On My Back & Destination Saturn af Philip E. HighH-85
The Proxima Project / Target: Terra af Laurence M. JaniferH-91
The Other Side of Here / One Against Eternity (The Weapon Makers) (Ace Double D-94) af Murray LeinsterD-94
So Bright the Vision and The Man Who Saw Tomorrow af Clifford D. SimakH-95
The Last Planet (Star Rangers) / A Man Obsessed (Ace Double, No. D-96) af Andre NortonD-96
The Galactic Breed / Conquest of the Space Sea (Classic Ace Double D-99) af Leigh BrackettD-99
The Secret of Sinharat/People of the Talisman (Ace Double M-101) af Leigh BrackettM-101
Code Duello / The Age of Ruin af Mack ReynoldsH-103
The Golden People / Exile From Xanadu af Lan WrightM-103
Solar Lottery / The Big Jump (Ace Double D-103) af Philip K. DickD-103
Mayday Orbit / No Man's World af Poul AndersonF-104
Message From the Eocene / Three Worlds of Futurity af Margaret St. ClairM-105
The Coils of Time / Into the Alternate Universe (Ace Double M-107) af A. Bertram ChandlerM-107
The Sun Saboteurs / The Light of Lilith (Ace Double F-108) af Damon KnightF-108
Stranger Than You Think / The Ship That Sailed the Time Stream af G. C. EdmondsonM-109
The 1000-Year Plan / No World of Their Own af Isaac AsimovD-110
Savage Range / Track the Man Down (F-110) af Lee E. WellsF-110
Fugitive of the Stars / Land Beyond the Map (Ace M-111) af Kenneth BulmerM-111
200 Years to Christmas / Rebels of the Red Planet af Charles L. FontenayF-113
Off Center / The Rithian Terror af Damon KnightM-113
The Transposed Man / One in 300 (Classic Ace Double, D-113) af Dwight V. SwainD-113
Enigma From Tantalus / The Repairmen of Cyclops af John BrunnerM-115
The Door Through Space / Rendezvous on a Lost World (Ace Double) af Marion Zimmer BradleyF-117
Ultimatum in 2050 A.D / Our Man in Space af Jack SharkeyM-117
Dome Around America / The Paradox Men af Charles L. HarnessD-118
Delusion World / Spacial Delivery (Ace Double, No. F-119) af Gordon R. DicksonF-119
Alpha Yes, Terra No! / The Ballad of Beta-2 (Ace Double M-121) af Samuel R. DelanyM-121
The Stars are Ours! / 3 Faces of Time (Ace Double D-121) af Andre NortonD-121
Android Avenger/The Altar on Asconel (Ace Double, M123) af John BrunnerM-123
Collision Course [and] The Nemesis From Terra af Leigh BrackettF-123
Monsters in Orbit [and] The World Between and Other Stories af Jack VanceM-125
Seven From the Stars / Worlds of the Imperium (Ace Double F-127) af Marion Zimmer BradleyF-127
We, the Venusians / The Water of Thought (Ace Double M-127) af John RackhamM-127
The Automated Goliath / The Three Suns of Amara (Ace Double F-129) af William F. TempleF-129
Empress of Outer Space / The Alternate Martians af A. Bertram ChandlerM-129
Behold the Stars / Planetary Agent X af Kenneth BulmerM-131
The Caves Of Mars / Space Mercenaries (Ace Double M-133) af Emil PetajaM-133
Secret Agent of Terra / The Rim of Space af John BrunnerF-133
Space Captain; and, The Mad Metropolis af Philip E. HighM-135
Alien From Arcturus / The Atom Curtain (Classic Ace Double, D-139) af Gordon R. DicksonD-139
Empire Star / The Tree Lord of Imeten af Samuel R. DelanyM-139
The Makeshift Rocket / Un-Man and Other Novellas (Ace Double F-139) af Poul AndersonF-139
The Brains of Earth / The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph (Ace Double M-141) af Jack VanceM-141
The Darkness Before Tomorrow; and, Ladder in The Sky af Robert Moore WilliamsF-141
The Seed of Earth / Next Stop The Stars (Ace Double F-145 ) af Robert SilverbergF-145
The Forgotten Planet / Contraband Rocket (Ace Double) af Murray LeinsterD-146
Eye of the Monster / Sea Siege af Andre NortonF-147
My Private Hangman / Prowl Cop af Norman HerriesD-147
King of the Fourth Planet / Cosmic Checkmate af Robert Moore WilliamsF-149
The World Jones Made / Agent of the Unknown af Philip K. DickD-150
The Planet Savers / Sword of Aldones af Marion Zimmer BradleyF-153
Times Without Number / Destiny's Orbit af John BrunnerF-161
The Mars Monopoly / The Man Who Lived Forever af R. DeWitt MillerD-162
Mankind on the Run / The Crossroads of Time (Classic Ace Double D-164) af Gordon R. DicksonD-164
Cache from Outer Space / The Celestial Blueprint af Philip José FarmerF-165
The Jewels of Aptor / Second Ending af Samuel R. DelanyF-173
The Man Who Mastered Time / Overlords from Space (Ace Double D-173) af Ray CummingsD-173
The Green Queen / Three Thousand Years af Margaret St. ClairD-176
The Star Wasps / Warlord of Kor (Ace Double) af Robert Moore WilliamsF-177
The Dragon Masters / The Five Gold Bands af Jack VanceF-185
Legend of the Lost Earth [and] Alpha Centauri or Die af G. McDonald WallisF-187
The Man Who Japed / The Space-Born af Philip K. DickD-193
The Silent Invaders; and, Battle on Venus af William F. TempleF-195
Captives of the Flame / The Psionic Menace (Ace Double F-199) af Samuel R. DelanyF-199
Star Guard / Planet of No Return af Andre NortonD-199
Who Speaks of Conquest/The Earth in Peril (Classic Ace Double, D-205) af Lan WrightD-205
The Wizard of Starship Poseidon / Let The Spacemen Beware af Poul AndersonF-209
The Rebellers / Listen! The Stars! af Jane RobertsF-215
Three to Conquer / Doomsday Eve (Ace Double) af Eric Frank RussellD-215
The 13th Immortal / This Fortress World (Ace Double) af Robert SilverbergD-223
Envoy to New Worlds / Flight From Yesterday af Keith LaumerF-223
The Astronauts Must Not Land / The Space-Time Juggler af John BrunnerF-227
Crisis in 2140 / Gunner Cade af H. Beam PiperD-227
Beyond the Galactic Rim / The Ship From Outside af A. Bertram ChandlerF-237
The Secret Visitors / Master of Life and Death (Vintage Ace Double, D-237) af James WhiteD-237
The Rites of Ohe / Castaways World af John BrunnerF-242
Space Station #1 & Empire of the Atom (Ace Double D-242) af Frank Belknap LongD-242
The Cosmic Puppets [and] Sargasso of Space af Philip K. DickD-249
The Hand of Zei / The Search for Zei af L. Sprague de CampF-249
The Twisted Men / One of Our Asteroids is Missing af A. E. Van VogtF-253
City Under the Sea / Star Ways (Ace Double D-255) af Poul AndersonD-255
The Towers of Toron / The Lunar Eye af Samuel R. DelanyF-261
Mechanical Monarch / Twice Upon a Time (Classic Ace Double, D-266) af E. C. TubbD-266
The Dark Intruder and Other Stories / Falcons of Narabedla (Ace Double F-273) af Marion Zimmer BradleyF-273
The Duplicators / No Truce with Terra af Philip E. HighF-275
City on the Moon / Men on the Moon (Ace Double) af Murray LeinsterD-277
The Million Year Hunt / Ships to the Stars af Fritz LeiberF-285
Across Time / Invaders from Earth (Classic Ace Double D-286) af Donald A. WollheimD-286
Demons' World / I Want the Stars af Kenneth BulmerF-289
People Minus X / Lest We Forget Thee Earth (Classic Ace Double, D-291) af Raymond Z. GallunD-291
Big Planet / Slaves Of The Klau (Classic Ace Double D-295) af Jack VanceD-295
Endless Shadow / The Arsenal of Miracles af John BrunnerF-299
Star Born / A Planet for Texans af H. Beam PiperD-299
The Deadly Combo / Murder Isn't Funny af John FarrD-301
The Snows of Ganymede/War of the Wing-Men (Ace Double D-303) af Poul AndersonD-303
Stepsons of Terra [and] A Man Called Destiny af Robert SilverbergD-311
The Space Willies / Six Worlds Yonder (Classic Ace Double D-315) af Eric Frank RussellD-315
The Blue Atom / The Void Beyond and Other Stories af Robert Moore WilliamsD-322
The Secret Of Zi / Beyond the Vanishing Point (Ace Double D-331) af Kenneth BulmerD-331
Threshold of Eternity / The War of Two Worlds af John BrunnerD-335
Plague Ship / Voodoo Planet (Classic Ace Double, D-345) af Andrew NorthD-345
The Sun Smasher / Starhaven af Edmond HamiltonD-351
The Cactus Kid / Kansas Guns af Tom WestD-356
The Plot Against Earth / Recruit for Andromeda af Milton LesserD-358
The 100th Millennium / Edge of Time af John BrunnerD-362
Vanguard From Alpha / The Changeling Worlds (Ace Double D-369) af Brian W. AldissD-369
Masters of Evolution / Fire in the Heavens (Vintage Ace Double, D-375) af Damon KnightD-375
Secret of the Lost Race / One Against Herculum (Vintage Ace Double D-381) af Andre NortonD-381
Rocket To Limbo / Echo In The Skull (Ace Double) af Alan E. NourseD-385
Siege of the Unseen / The World Swappers (Vintage Ace Double D-391) af A. E. van VogtD-391
The Mutant Weapon / The Pirates of Zan (Ace Double D-403) af Murray LeinsterD-403
We Claim These Stars! / The Planet Killers (Ace Double D-407) af Poul AndersonD-407
The Man with Nine Lives & A Touch of Infinity af Harlan EllisonD-413
Slavers of Space / Dr. Futurity af Philip K. DickD-421
World of the Masterminds / To the End of Time (Ace Double D-427) af Robert Moore WilliamsD-427
Earth's Last Fortress [and] Lost in Space af A. E. Van VogtD-431
The Smasher af Talmage PowellD-433
The Sioux Spaceman / And Then the Town Took Off af Andre NortonD-437
The Dark Destroyers / Bow Down to Nul (Ace Double, No. D-443) af Brian W. AldissD-443
The Genetic General / Time to Teleport af Gordon R. DicksonD-449
The Games of Neith / The Earth Gods are Coming af Margaret St. ClairD-453
Vulcan's Hammer / The Skynappers af Philip K. DickD-457
The Atlantic Abomination / The Martian Missile af Donald A. WollheimD-465
The Secret Martians / Sanctuary In The Sky af John BrunnerD-471
Earthman, Go Home! / To the Tombaugh Station af Poul AndersonD-479
The Puzzle Planet / The Angry Espers (Ace Double D-485) af Robert W. LowndesD-485
The Big Time / The Mind Spider and Other Stories af Fritz LeiberD-491
Wandl the Invader / I Speak For Earth (Ace Double D-497) af Ray CummingsD-497
Meeting at Infinity / Beyond the Silver Sky (Vintage Ace Double, D-507) af John BrunnerD-507
Star Hunter / The Beast Master: (Ace Double D-509) af Andre NortonD-509
Bring Back Yesterday / The Trouble With Tycho (Classic Ace Double, D-517) af A. Bertram ChandlerD-517
Rocannon's World / The Kar-Chee Reign af Avram DavidsonG-574
Danger from Vega / Clash of Star-Kings (Ace G-576) af Avram DavidsonG-576
Dawnman Planet / Inherit the Earth af Mack ReynoldsG-580
The Planeteers / The Ultimate Weapon (Ace #G-585) af John W. CampbellG-585
The Star Magicians / The Off-Worlders (Vintage Ace Double, G-588) af Lin CarterG-588
A Planet of Your Own / The Beasts of Kohl (Ace Double) af John RackhamG-592
Planet of Exile / Mankind Under the Leash (Ace Double G-597) af Ursula K. Le GuinG-597
The Unteleported Man / The Mind Monsters (Ace Double G-602) af Philip K. DickG-602
The Man Without a Planet / Time to Live (Vintage Ace Double G-606) af Lin CarterG-606
Contraband from Otherspace / Reality Forbidden (Ace Double G-609) af A. Bertram ChandlerG-609
Envoy to the Dog Star / Shock Wave af Frederick L. ShawG-614
The Ship From Atlantis / The Stolen Sun af H. Warner MunnG-618
The Double Invaders / These Savage Futurians (Ace Double G-623) af John RackhamG-623
Nebula Alert / The Rival Rigelians af A. Bertram ChandlerG-632
Time Thieves / Against Arcturus af Dean Koontz00990
The Electric Sword-Swallowers / Beyond Capella (Ace Double 05595) af Kenneth Bulmer05595
Border, Breed nor Birth / Blackman's Burden (Ace Double) af Mack Reynolds06612
Seed of the Dreamers / The Blind Worm af Emil Petaja06707
The Chariots of Ra / Earthstrings (Ace SF Double, 10293) af Kenneth Bulmer10293
Ghost Breaker & Clockwork's Pirates af Ron Goulart11182
The Communipaths / The Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy (Ace Double, 11560) af Suzette Haden Elgin11560
Code Duello / Computer War af Mack Reynolds11650
Cradle of the Sun / The Wizards of Senchuria af Brian Stableford12140
The Dark Dimensions / Alternate Orbits af A. Bertram Chandler13783
Soft Come the Dragons [and] Dark of the Woods af Dean Koontz13793
The Herod Men / Dark Planet (Ace Double 13805) af Nick Kamin13805
Dr. Futurity / The Unteleported Man (Ace Double 15697) af Philip K. Dick15697
The Dragon Masters / The Last Castle (Ace Double 16641) af Jack Vance16641
The Fall of the Dream Machine / The Star Venturers af Dean Koontz22600
Fear That Man / Toyman af Dean Koontz23140
Final War and Other Fantasies / Treasure of Tau Ceti (Ace Double) af K. M. O'Donnell23775
Flower of Doradil / A Promising Planet (Ace Double 24100) af John Rackham24100
Gallagher’s Glacier [and] Positive Charge af Walt Richmond27235
The Gates of Time / Dwellers of the Deep (Ace Double 27400) af Jr. Neal Barrett27400
In the Pocket and Other S-F Stories / Gather in the Hall of the Planets af K. M. O'Donnell27415
The Green Millennium / Night Monsters af Fritz Leiber30300
The Hard Way Up / The Veiled World af A. Bertram Chandler31755
Annihilation Factor / Highwood (Ace SF Double, 33710) af Barrington J. Bayley33710
The Inheritors / Gateway to Never af A. Bertram Chandler37062
Ipomoea / The Brass Dragon (Ace Double 37250) af John Rackham37250
Kalin / The Bane of Kanthos af E. C. Tubb42800
Tower of the Medusa / Kar Kaballa af Lin Carter42900
Hunting on Kunderer / Life with Lancelot (Ace Double 48245) af William Barton48245
Masters of the Lamp/ A Harvest of Hoodwinks af Robert Lory52180
Mister Justice / Hierarchies af John Rackham53415
Alice's World / No Time for Heroes (Ace Double, 58880) af Sam J. Lundwall58880
Earthrim / Phoenix Ship (Ace SF Double, 66160) af Nick Kamin66160
The Hunters of Jundagai / Project Jove af Kenneth Bulmer68310
Lallia / Recoil af E. C. Tubb71082
The Rim Gods / The High Hex (Ace Double 72400) af A. Bertram Chandler72400
The Ships of Durostorum / Alton's Unguessable af Kenneth Bulmer76096
The Three Suns of Amara / Battle on Venus af William F. Temple76380
The Sky is Falling / Badge of Infamy af Lester Del Rey76960
Son of the Tree / The Houses of Iszm af Jack Vance77525
The Space Barbarians / The Eyes of Bolsk af Mack Reynolds77710
The Star Virus / Mask of Chaos af Barrington J. Bayley78400
A Scatter of Stardust / Technos af E. C. Tubb79975
To Venus! To Venus! / The Jester at Scar af Donald A. Wollheim81610
Tonight We Steal the Stars / The Wagered World (Ace Double No. 81680) af John Jakes81680
The Winds of Darkover / The Anything Tree af Marion Zimmer Bradley89250
A Yank At Valhalla / The Sun Destroyers (Ace SF Double, 93900) af Edmond Hamilton93900

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