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Nicole Joniec
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The many, many books that I've held onto are mostly non-fictional works as I try to donate fictional works after reading them, unless I foresee myself wanting to reread them in the future or if they're a favorite. But, I have a large backlog of books to read and so little space! I have a special place for my books on Philadelphia history and many of the books I collect are vintage or antique editions.
About Me
I enjoy reading books about Philadelphia history as well as other books related to 19th century history. I also enjoy viewing books on early photography as well as learning more about early photographic processes. I collect antiques so I'm always looking for good reference books on collectible items. I wish I had more time in my life for fiction but still enjoy a good classic or bestseller! I find my approach to books is serendipitous since I frequent trips to thrift stores and antique shops and let fate decide what my next read may be!
Philadelphia, PA
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Biblioteker: College of Physicians of Philadelphia -- Historical Medical Library and Wood Institute, Free Library of Philadelphia - Independence Branch, Free Library of Philadelphia - Parkway Central Library, Free Library of Philadelphia - Philadelphia City Institute, Free Library of Philadelphia - Thomas F. Donatucci, Sr. Branch, The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, The Library Company of Philadelphia

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