New character (11), DNF 2/03 (4), DNF 8/02 (4), Political novel (3), Historical (3), A Memoir (3), Boring DNF (3), DNF 4/03 (3), DNF 4/06 (3), Detective story (3), DNF 4/02 (2), DNF 2/02 (2), Political (2), good 9/93 (2), Harry Bosch (2), A memoir (2), Espionage (2), DNF 8/04 (2), DNF 7/02 (2), Mystery (2), DNF 1/03 (2), DNF 8/01 (2), good 10/93 (2), Good 10/93 (2), DNF 2/05 (2), DNF 10/02 (2), Read on Kindle (2), FBI agent Nick Vanko runs an undercover operation with agents who are a little freaky. They work a scam on the Mafia. pretty good 9/05 (1), An American X intelligence officer now an art dealer in Houston gets involved with international powers. good 5/99 (1), weapons & billion of dollars. OK 6/94 (1), A South Amer. terrorist tries to extort millions from a millionaire in Tex. by killing his family and friends. fair 6/03 (1), Tex. each with their own agenda. good 8/96 (1), Several old Nazis living in the US are murdered. FBI agent Taz Fallon and historian S Roth think it is a plot about paintings looted by Hitler. not bad 5/01 (1), one who has a disfigurement. poor 5/01 (1), and finds that she was murdered when he was an infant. sweet not bad 11/94 (1), and that his twin brother was gov. agent who was murdered. pretty good 5/04 (1), X cop Phil Broker takes 3 men on a canoeing trip in Minn. One is critically injured and after a dangerous rescue he falls into a coma. not bad 3/02 (1), A witty story of a Jewish family who encounter anti semitism at a resort in Vermont. good 11/98 (1), The CIA fights a global dynasty that wants to dominate economic power and finance. DNF 10/97 (1), Young people growing up in a small town in Ark. in the 60's. not bad 7/01 (1), In 1940 a US spy plots to make Germany attack Russia in spite of their treaty. dont like writing style. OK 12/03 (1), international intrigue and involved plots. An X POW who is an agent in a US covert agency is called in. not bad 11/02 (1), & many people are killed. He finds himself on the run. not bad 11/01 (1), Soap opera type writing. DNF 2/01 (old) (1), then becomes unrealistic. OK 1/01 (1), French and British work together to destroy a neo Nazi organization. OK 6/95 (1), Slow boring story of 3 sisters and their brother in the early 50's. DNF 9/99 (1), goes up North and gets involved with local meth gangs. not bad 10/05 (1), Phil Broker is caled in as special investigator after a priest is murdered possibly by a vigilante. not bad 6/03 (1), Hardy and Glitsky are embroiled in a double murder of a socialite & his girlfriend which starts with a fire. pretty good 3/05 (1), An X CIA operator suffering from multiple personality disorder was undercover with different legends which he assumes. pretty good. 3/06 (1), Interesting and informative story of the coffee traders in Amsterdam in the 1600's. A Portuguese Jew tries to corner the market by going into partnership with a Dutch woman. not bad 7/04 (rec HT) (1), Tess Monaghan PI and her boyfriend Crow try to protect a black kid who is involved in the death of a federal prosecutor. not bad 8/06 (1), An intern with a high IQ but low in social graces marries a nobody to cure her lonliness. cute 1/04 (1), a PI in San Francisco investigate the murder of a federal judge & his mistress. The Hunt Club are all the employees of W. Hunts office (1), Dismis Hardy seies11/93 good 11/93 (1), DH and Ag try to protect a client unjustly accused of murder. Private police force target them & their families. OK 4/03 (1), involving the CIA and corrupt government agents. OK 4/94 (1), A young man believes he is the illegitimate son of JFK with a wild libido. He makes a run for the oval office with the support of 2 KGB agents. fair 8/98 (1), 87th precinct novel. Detectives from the 87th investigate the strangulation of a young man found in the park. OK 9/99 (1), Mattew Hope's client involved in a trademark dispute with a toy co. is accused of murder. OK 3/97 (1), Lawyer shot and all his friends solve the case..Mathew Hope novel. good 2/95 (1), a top cop in NY investigates the murders of umpires of major league sports events. OK (1), A Canadian diplomat led a double life in his youth and had an affair that might be exposed at the present time. OK 11/95 (1), Dr.Sylvis Strange a forensic psychiatrist works with the New Mexico prisons where the son of a politician is imprisoned. 7/97 good (1), Phil. lawyer is offered a case to defend Councilman's Aid of murder & racketeering. good 5/95 (1), FBI agent Margaret Chisholm & CIA agent Nicholas Denton are teamed up to determine why a nun has been targeted by an assasin.Prequel comming OK 2/98 (1), Sequel to Rosemary's Baby. who was the son of Satan. fair 5/98 (1), works on a case involving the rape of a 13 yr old girl. pretty good 12/98 (1), A Hollywood producer who makes horror movies based on ghost stories travel to London for evidence that super natural is true. OK 6/98 (1), attempts to save a man condemned to die. good 10/95 (1), Characters from previous novels track Arab terrorists. fair 6/02 (1), Blake Johnson X FBI agent looks to take revenge when his X wife is murdered by an international crime boss. fair 4/00 (1), A brutal psychopath is putting young woman in a coma. A doctor is on the brink of a breakdown caused by the condition of her patients. fair 1/99 (1), and then gets involved in the death of a wealthy man. OK 3/99 (1), DH is hired by a doctor accused of murdering the CEO of his hospital. good 2/02 (1), Prosecutor in DA's office accused of murdering her husband who was a judge. good 7/95 (1), DH and AL work together to clear a drug addict of murdering AG's daughter. very good 6/01 (1), DH's wife Fran is called before the Grand Jury in a murder investigation . She refuses to tell a secret intrusted to her by a friend which lands her jail. fair 2/00 (1), DH takes on the case of a man accused of killing his father. good 10/98 (1), but runs into opposition from the church. good 12/97 (1), Leut. Abe Glitsky (friend of Dismis Hardy) hunts for man accused unjustly in racial lynching. good 8/95 (1), Dismis Hardy becomes a lawyer and defends a woman accused of killing her husband and son. good 9/94 (1), A US Marshall comes to the hospital for the criminally insane to find a woman who has escaped. OK 6/03 (1), VC is still loyal to his client who was murdered. He struggles with relationship with his father who is dying. pretty good 6/04 (1), 3 young boys go separate ways after one is kidnapped and molested. 25 yrs later the daughter of one of the boys is murdered. pretty good (1), PK and AG unite again to catch a psychopathic killer. pretty good. 5/99 (1), Patrick Kenzie & Angela Gennaro PI's are hired to find a 4 yr old girl. Gruesome tales of child abuse. pretty good 12/98 (1), PI's Trevor Stone & Patrick Kenzie are hired by dying billionaire to find his missing daughter. fair 4/97 (1), dealing with a client involved with a stolen painting. pretty good 9/06 (1), VC involved in another case seeking a new trial for convicted murderer. DNF 7/05 (1), who VC was having an affair with. pretty good 7/04 (2003) (1), Black Rose Killer of woman. good 1/94 (1), an atty. and his client. They were shot on the street. OK5/03 (1), Soap opera story of an atty. defending a mentally retarded man accused of murder. poor 10/96 (1), Heartbreaking story in the Pa. backwoods of a 19 yr old young man who has to care for his 3 sisters after the mother goes to jail for killing their father. sad good 1/00 (1), Male journalist on verge of committing suicide because of sons death becomes involved in murder he didnt commit. good 11/94 (1), A CIA anti terrorist operator retires to New Mexico after a bungled covert operation. good 7/96 (1), A war photgrapher becomes obsessed with a photograph of a woman whom he meets later. fair 5/98 (1), An author writes about a murdered artist and falls in love with his wife. 12/93 (1), Anthropoligist is called home from Guatamala when her father is shot in NY. OK 11/95 (1), An architect is devastated when his beautiful wife becomes involved in a cult. OK 4/97 (1), A single mother living in the shadow of her past meets an x cop who helps her. fair 11/98 (1), K Mallory pursues killer of a young woman found dead with skull and hands crushed. ok 10/95 (1), KM connects a current murder of an artist to a 12 yr old double homicide originally investigated by her adoptive father. Good 8/96 (1), and 2 ten yr old girls kidnapped now. OK 8/98 (1), KM tries to solve an accident of an old magic trick that goes awry. boring. DNF 9/99 (1), A woman is found hanging in a burning apartment. The crime is identical to another one 21 yrs old. KM knows this woman who is a prostitute. good 8/91 (1), In NY jurors from a controversial trial are being murdered. Trial of shock jock. KM and fellow detective Riker solve the murders. sad. good 11/03 (1), and 12 yr old girl thought dead is alive and kills a burgler. KM and Riker get case. pretty good 12/04 (1), service knee injury made him give up football. not bad 9/04 (1), Doctor runs a retirement home OK 10/94 (1), A radio talk show host and her family are stalked by a weird caller who calls himself The Truthseeker. OK 9/96 (1), Hugh Fitzduane living in his castle in Ireland is terrorized by a group of Japanese assassins. good 4/95 (1), but political forces are restraining. OK 1/97 (1), Working undercover for an arms trader and reporting to the security div. of US Army is hell for a US Ranger. fair 5/03 (1), a break in artist who combines touch with technology finds himself involved with government deception. pretty good 7/99 (1), A field agent for Consular Operations is fired from the agency after an operaton goes wrong. His best friend an agent is abducted in Lebanon. He investigates and finds a wacko visionary plan for the betterment of mankind. not bad 1/07 (1), a partner in Dismas Hardy's law firm takes on the case of Stuart Gorman acccused of murdering his wife.She was found dead in her hot tub. not bad 2/07 (1), Kate Mallory takes a leave of absence as a sargent in the NYPD to investigate her mothers murder 17 years ago in LA good 9/97 (1), Obsessed lady cop Kathleen Mallory driven to solve murder of her step father. good 3/95 (1), Deceased. One more book was published before his death. (1), Elena Estes the cynical cop from Dark Horse..OK 2007 (1), The team that rescued the (1), but sometimes believed his powers to be (1), unpublished writer takes a job to ghost write in Cape Cod. About murder witnessed by a (1), Fed. agent assume many identities and aliases gory good 1/94 (1), X DEA agent facing financial ruin falls prey to an illegal deal which involves his 9 yr old son and stuffed animal. OK 9/95 (1), who was running for the Senate. OK 5/98 (1), who are dealing with international terrorists in the world of drug trafficking. pretty good 1/03 (1), An atty. working in a prestigious law firm investigates criminal deceit at a pharmaceutical research firm. fair 12/01 (1), Amanda Jaffe & her father Frank defense atty's defend 2 different cases of murder. CSI detail. OK 8/06 (1), Maverick small town Calif. lawyer tries to make it big in a prestigious law firm. OK 7/96 (1), An alternate juror on a murder trial plays a big part in the lives of the defense atty. and the ADA. OK (1), An X con who is a lawyer tries to clear a friend who was framed for a muder he didnt commit. OK 1/01 (1), Widowed atty. defends sister in law in murder of X husbands wife. good 8/94 (1), widowed atty. takes the case of a judge accused of soliciting a prostitute and murder. good 2/96 (1), An atty. turned novelist writes a sought after book. She uses a pen name and hires a charismatic male to pose as the author. OK 3/97 (1), 2 nuclear devices are missing from a storage facility in Russia. A hate group in the US is responsible. fair 11/98 (1), Paul Madrani defends a man accused of killing a female activist who helped his daughter a drug addict. OK 3/00 (1), when someone he is watching is mudered. He is ordered back to US. pretty good 2/00 (1), the FBI has the task of finding the culprits. Ok 3/97 (1), FBI agent running the office in Ariz. when an auto dealer and his wife are murdered and his daughter is missing. pretty good 9/98 (1), he tries to track down a professional rock climber accused of killing her boy friend. OK 7/00 (1), and the FBI is covering for him because he is a brilliant scientist. OK 2/03 (old) (1), A plan to kill FDR and Churchill at their meeting in Cairo during the war. slow not bad 10/99 (1), Depressing story of a woman in Africa who loves 2 men looking for a perfect somewhere. fair 10/98 (1), A covert agent for US steals diary from his boss and is pursued by corrupt FBI agents. por 5/01 (1), Gov sanctioned experiments. Boring DNF 6/97 (1), 2 X assassins join forces to rescue a teenager who was kidnapped as an act of terrorisim against the US OK 10/97 (1), A young man with a power job on Wall St. suddenly finds terrible things happening to him. He runs away to Martha's Vineyard. OK 12/96 (1), A man released from jail goes on a killing rampage. poor 6/97 (1), they realize one of the 7 friends is the killer. OK 4/97 (1), a mountain climber with his career spiraling down gets involved with the townspeople who feel that a tourist pushed a 10 yr old to his death. OK 6/05 (1), About tobacco industry. Boring. DNF 3/94 (1), Michael Forsythe mercenary bad boy working with the FBI to infiltrate an Irish terrorist cell. OK 5/06 (1), A man and a woman meet at a soup kitchen after 9/11 and fall in love. Both have unsatisfactory marriages. sad not bad 3/06 (1), A painter and her autistic daughter are in a car accident which leaves the mother in a coma. The father of the child is called from England. sweet OK 7/05 (1), tries to get a psychotic killer called the sandman. very violent & gory. not bad 2/01 (1), Det. Paris Murphy in St. PAul is called in to solve murder of a hooker by a serial killer. bloody. not bad 3/03 (1), to work undercover in Middle East. fair 7/05 (1), When the President was a young man in Vietnam he had a brief affair with a French woman. Years later he finds they had a daughter. OK 10/99 (1), a lawyer. Kev Parker a detective believes he is innocent. pretty good 9/04 (1), Adventure story of men who travel turbulent waters in Calif. to rescue people. OK 2/96 (1), In Dublin (1), boring DNF 10/04 (1), DNF 7/06 (1), Tear Jerker DNF 7/06 (1), An unusual story (1), Mike Donavan (1), Lady political consultant (1), lots of hang ups. OK 2/94 (1), but no love (1), many loves (1), Corcoran O'Connor part Indian (1), Down on his luck (1), In New Mecico (1), just pretend. 10 yrs later (1), novel. (1), Romance (1), Too much Polish (1), American (1), Epic (1), Funny (1), Damon Runyan type characters (1), Espionage fiction (1), too soapy (1), courtroom and murder (1), Epic about a woman "time traveler" who goes back and forth to Scotland 200 years to 1960.(pretty go od (1), In a small town in N J friends start a club of ingenious ways to murder (1), Sequel to Hank & Chloe. Chloe is pregnant but cannot commit to marriage because of her early betrayal as a child. good 4/98 (1), Lady detective in Cinn. with 2 children (1), A bike messinger is wanted for questioning by police in the murder of his client (1), 2 policemen best friends since childhood try to find a teenage girl who is missing. 7 yrs before (1), A clegyman in London is blessed with healing powers (1), too churchy. fair 6/03 (1), Boring DNF 12/98 (1), Chinese DA torn by the death of his 14 yr old daughter (1), In a southern town (1), Civil War (1), soldier (1), On holiday in Zurich (1), 2 cops (1), DNF 12/04 (1), pretty good? 1/06 (1), When judge is kidnapped (1), DNF 10/04 (1), good. 4/06 (1), 2 new characters (1), A Thriller (1), Mark Beamon (1), Boring DNF 10/04 (1), Paul Madrani (1), Dismis HArdy good 12/93 (1), DNF boring 4/07 (1), A Russian woman assasin (1), Lena Padget (1), Antonio Burns (1), special agent (1), PB and his wife Nina Pryce (1), Victor Carl loser lawyer (1), Sequel to Hostile Witness (1), and FBI agent meet in Houston (1), Dismis Hardy OK 12/93 (1), Gina Roake (1), Boring DNF 8/05 (1), X junkie (1), Jewish young man (1), MB goes undercover in the Mob (1), Boring DNF 5/00 (1), CIA agent Jack Dunphy is undercover in London (1), Woman awakens with amnesia drug induced (1), A forensic psychiatrist is called in when an old friend is accused of murdering her husband. She is bipolar. pretty good 2/02 (1), Chief of Police & lady cop fall in love as they solve disappearance of 8 yr.old boy. 2/95 good (1), Lady horse trainer & part time waitress meets college professor. funny and sweet. good 12/93 (1), Divorced woman with deaf 15 yr old son in New Mexico falls in love with cowboy. good 8/94 (1), Family trying to go on after the tradgedy of losing a 4 yr old boy and how it affects all OK 5/97 (1), 2 sisters fall in love. Rose with her boss and Lily with her 1st boyfriend when she was 18. pretty good 5/01 (1), 4 woman come together to live on a flower farm. too talky fair 5/01 (1), Sequel to Bad Girl Creek with the addition of another character called Mary. not bad 3/03 (1), Sequel to Along Came Mary. A little soapy.. continuing story of their lives..OK 1/04 (1), hunts lady psycho killer who set men on fire. good 12/95 (1), P I finds that X brother in law involved in a satanic cult. good 4/96 (old) (1), Sonora Blair homicide Detective hunts for the killers of a woman whose body parts are turning up along the interstate highway. good 12/96 (1), Sonora B. and her partner Sam pursue killers of a typical Amer. family. Sonora acting very emotional. pretty good 4/02 (1), SB and Sam investigate a missing 15 yr old girl and her horse. pretty good5/02 (old) (1), Southern family suffer when a mother & father die and the fathers secrets in the Marine Corps is unearthed. not bad 11/02 (1), Lena Padget is asked to find a college intern who has disappeared. Her lover Joel Mendez a detective is also on the case. He works with FBI agent W. McCoy. pretty good 11/03 (1), Sequel to Night Sins. County atty. prepares for trial of kidnapper aided by a crime writer. good 3/96 (1), Soap Opera story of a white girl & black boy growing up in the South. DNF (1), A case against a killer is dismissed on a technicality. A Cajon cop and a lady deputy are obsessed with what the killer has done. good 4/97 (1), A victims advocate tries to help a troubled teenager who has witnessed a terrifying murder. pretty good 3/99 (1), Sam and Nikki L investigate the suspicious death of a fellow officer while trying to maintain their own private life.good 9/00 (1), X cop Elena Estes gets involved when 12 yr old pleads with her to find her sister who is missing. She works as a groom with show horses. poor 11/02 (1), Sam and Nikki search for suspected killer. Sam falls for judge. not bad 4/06 (1), Romance novel written years ago.. poor DNF 8/06 (old) (1), A Sequel to Retribution. The proscecutor C J Townsend engaged to special agent Dom Falconetti head a task force to investigate why cops are being murdered. not bad 2/06 (1), a doctor gets involved with people being murdered from his past. OK 12/94 (1), Innocent man accused of murder finds himself involved with terrorists cults. OK 4/96 (1), i of the cops daughters went missing also.. too many unanswered questions. pretty good 2/99 (1), A pre med student gets involved with his superiors wife and daughter. So Dysfuntional. depressing 6/05 (1), lawyer defends a beautiful socialite accused of murdering a former cabinet member. not bad 11/00 (1), 2 boys growing up in Afghanistan. The power of fathers over sons and the band between them. Also the brutality of the Taliban. tearjerker. good 6/04 (1), A successful lady lawyer in London learns that her husband has an involvement with the occult. Too much paranormal incidents & ghosts. poor 8/00 (1), members of the club are being killed. OK 4/05 (1), Preequel to First Lady. Police Chief Cuddy Mangum & his Leut. Justin Savile who helps secure a reprieve for a man on death row. not bad 5/02 (old) (1), is coerced into defending a hoodlum (1), Poisened drugs are causing havic in American cities. As thousands die (1), VC defends a friend from law school who is accused of murdering his fiance (1), VC wakes up with a heart tatoo on his chest & struggles to find out why. Also (1), Abe Glitsky suspects a prosperous & prominent lawyer of murder (1), Devin Juble a homicide inspector and his friend Wyatt Hunt (1), A young man finds that he was adopted and returns to Okla. to find his mother (1), Houston Intelligence Div. involves drugs (1), An unbelievable tale of a sculpturer getting involved with 2 sisters (1), A forensic artist is blackmailed to work a clandestine mission against a terrorist (1), who is recovering from a struggle with a terrorist (1), CIA recruits a retired undercover agent to infiltrate a secret organization with a complex scheme. Beginning is interesting (1), an investment banker is attacked by an old friend (1), Unrealistic story of terrorists (1), An ethical judge is set up to insure a verdict against a woman accused of murder (1), PM is seeking the murderer of his friend (1), MB has been suspended from the FBI. In order to save his career (1), a chief of police and his Leut. in Homicide search for a possible serial Killer. good dialogue. good 2/02 (1), Boring soap opera type writing. DNF 6/03 (1), Epic starting during the Civil Was (1), Reminiscent of a Pat Conroy story. (1), Historical novel in England and India. (1), and the degradation and the inhumanity of all women in that counrty. Well written...7/07 (1), A most depressing story of two woman brought together by the war in Afganistan. The brutality of the men in their lives (1), While searching for her father that she has never known. Kathleen Mallory joins a cavalcade of parents looking for their long lost children some murdered and buried on Route 66. Det.Riker and Charles follow her. Confusing. Im not sure who the murderer was (1), HF comes to the US to fight terrorisim (1), A psychotic sadist is murdring woman (1), A local football hero returns to his hometown. A coal mining town burned down after explosion (1), Complicated story going back to a massacre of a family 58 yrs ago (1), New character involving 2 ten yr old girls murdered 15 yrs ago (1), A psychopath makes havoc with a group of inseparable friends. After a murder is committed (1), Jack Casey x FBI profiler starting over as a detective (1), Homeland security try to recruit an x navy seal of Arabic heritage (1), all the detectives from the 87th try to get the (1)
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