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I am still in the process of discovering writers I like- and I have eclectic tastes. Also, I am addicted to used book stores and sales, so that explains the large amounts of books I have by authors I have never read. I'm starting to list favorites, but I definitely don't have them all listed and some authors I have only read one of their books, and though I loved it, I'm not sure if they qualify as favorites.

Feel free to browse and leave a comment, I love hearing from other readers.

About Me
I love books, obviously.
I have a B.A. in English from Pomona College. I graduated in May 2008.

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Boghandlere: Books for America Used Bookstore, Friends of the Library Bookstore - Rockville, MD, Friends of the Library Bookstore - Wheaton, MD, Housing Works Used Book Cafe, Strand Bookstore, The Cranbury Bookworm

Biblioteker: Davis Library - Montgomery County Public Libraries (MD), Los Angeles County Library - Claremont Helen Renwick Library

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