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Apr 1, 2007
About My Library
I have just about every book that I have purchased since I was fifteen. I haven't counted, but the total is probably 2,500-3,000 books. A mere drop in the bucket compared to some of the collections that are on this site.

No, I haven't read them all, but I have intended to read every book that I bought, and still hope to do so. Unfortunately it seems that every time I walk into a book store, I come out with three or four more "must-reads".

Until fairly recently I didn't have room to display all of my books and therefore had to keep a lot of them in boxes(?!). But we finally bought a house with a little more space where I installed a whole whack of shelves. I now have a room where most of my collection is on display and I am surprised, and somewhat embarassed, at how soothing it is just to be in that room.

I was also surprised, once I had put my books on the shelves, by the number of duplicates that I had unwittingly accumulated over the years. The champion was Thomas Hardy's "The Return of the Native"- four copies.

Even worse- in spite of all of those copies I still haven't read the book! Oh well, maybe someday.

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