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I've been on LibraryThing for quite some time, but I'm just now putting it to good use by cataloging my book collection. I realized that I have unknowingly re-read too many books and have ended up with several copies of the same titles more times than I would like to admit. I’m hoping this system will save me from any more literary déjà vu and keep my shelves from looking like a clone army.

Debating if I should be including my TBR list.. because then my "collections" would be in the thousands!

About Me

I am a big Historical Romance enthusiast on a mission to broaden my literary horizons.

My rating systems:
5⭐️: My Favorite for life!
4⭐️: Love it!
3⭐️: Enjoyed~ I like it!
2⭐️: Disappointing and forgettable
1⭐️: I hate this book

5🌶️: SMUT is this book!
4🌶️: It's definitely Hot & Spicy
3🌶️: Hot & Spicy
2🌶️: Somewhat Spicy or happens vary sparingly
1🌶️: Fades to...
0: Nothing spicy here

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