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Sara M Arnold
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The "Your Library" collection is my current library of books I’ve collected from 2009 to present, as well as some of my collection from the '80s and '90s, which stayed with my parents until 2009.

Books tagged with “bill” are also owned by my partner Bill, or in some cases, owned by him entirely.

"The Gone Forever" collection and tag is a historical snapshot of all the books that I owned when they were lost in a disaster in 2009, some of which had been part of my collection from the ‘80s and ‘90s. I use the Gone Forever collection to slowly reobtain literature and is still a pretty good indicator of many of my interests.

I share a collection of guinea pig children's books with my daughter, which are listed on her LibraryThing and mine; some are on both.

About Me

Parent, bereaved parent, reporter and photographer for two local newspapers, disabled, daughter of a deceased librarian, book nerd, guinea pig fancier.

I run the Love for Liberty Arnold-Simon DIPG Foundation for my late daughter Liberty (

My surviving child is also on LibraryThing at sushiguineapig (

Clinton, MA
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Biblioteker: Bigelow Free Public Library, Burlington Public Library, Thayer Memorial Library

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