REALISTIC (190), ADVENTURE (185), HISTORICAL (174), FAMILY (160), FANTASY (133), SCIENCE FICTION (71), MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE (67), HUMOUR (66), CRIME (62), ANIMAL (53), SCHOOL (41), WAR (34), BILDUNGSROMAN (33), Detectives. Great Britain-20th century. Murder. (29), INFORMATION (29), BIOGRAPHY (27), ROMANCE (21), HORROR (19), ALLEGORY (16), AUSTRALIAN (13), TRAGEDY (13), DIARY (12), SUPERNATURAL (11), SAGA (10), SATIRE (10), VERSE (10), THRILLER (10), SPY. (9), PICTUREBOOK (7), CLASSIC (5), LEGEND (5), DYSTOPIAN (5), uncles (5), PHILOSOPHICAL (5), Brumbies. Horses. Leadership. Snowy Mountains. Survival. (4), RETELLING (4), DREAMTIME (4), Aunts (4), Interplanetary voyages. Philosophy. Quests. (4), SHORT STORIES (3), FOLKTALE (3), GRAPHIC (3), FAIRYTALE (3), POLITICAL (3), NONSENSE (3), SEA (3), ABORIGINAL (3), SPORT (3), Friendship. Good and evil. Quests. Wales (2), Growing up (2), Good and evil. Quests (2), LETTERS (2), GOTHIC (2), Boys (2), William. (2), MYTH (2), Platypus. Life cycle. Survival. (2), australian stories (2), magic (2), Survival (2), Blue Mountains (2), adventures (2), Murder (2), animals (2), SPECULATIVE (2), Schools and students (2), Aunts uncles and cousins (2), NSW. (2), NSW. Change-environmental. Country children. Family relations. Pioneers and pioneer life. (2), children's stories (2), Disability-physical (2), Cleverness. Families. Other worlds. Problem solving. Size and shape. (2), Holidays (2), SONGS (2), Switzerland - social life and customs. Twins (2), Country children. Courage. Family relations. Farms and farming. Girls. Horses. Individuality. (1), Violence and non-violence. Voyages and travels. (1), Boats and ships (1), Courage. Death. Famous persons. Growing up. Japan. Nuclear weapons. Persistence. Radiation�physiological effects 10-14 (1), Farms. Animals. Farmers. Brothers and sisters. Aunts (1), Misbehaviour (1), Child abuse. Family. Friendship. Girls. Schools and students. Survival. Swindlers and swindling. Wolves. (1), Cultural diversity. Pacific Islands. Racism. Superstition. Survival. Volcanoes. (1), Bullying. Dreams. Friends and friendship. Giants. Magic (1), Books. Boys. Decision making. Good and evil. Kings (1), TALL TALE (1), Cleverness. Courage. Cyclones. Deception. Friendship. Girls. Lions. Love. Magic. Monkeys. Other worlds. Quests. Self-perception. Sharing. Witches and wizards FANT 8-12 (1), Justice. Kings (1), Sick persons (1), American Indians. Cowhands. Friendship. Magic. Metamorphosis. Responsibility. (1), Child abuse. England. Orphans and orphanages. Story characters (1), Anger. Antisocial behaviour. Boys. Bullying. Conflict. Control. Cruelty. Despotism. Fear. Gangs. Hate. Hunting. Islands. Leadership. Lifestyles (1), Australia-history-1929-1945 (1), Crime and criminals.Detectives. Good and evil. Problem solving. (1), Clumsiness. Failure. Fishing. Growing up. Parent and child. Spencer Gulf region (1), Brothers and sisters. Fathers. Great Britain-19th century. Honesty. London. Poverty. Problem solving. Single parent families. (1), Bushfires. Children. Community life. Dandenong Ranges (1), Aeroplanes. Armed forces. Arms and armour. Bullying. Collectors and collecting. England-Northern counties. Friendship. Gangs. Problem solving. Schools and students. Teachers. World War- 1939-1945 (1), Brothers and sisters. Caves. Country life. Escapes. Independence. Tasmania. (1), peoples. Americans in Australia. Australia (1), Crime and criminals. Great Britain-16th century. Fathers. Impersonation. Justice. Kings (1), Animal-human relationships. Bears. India. Jungles. Monkeys. Panthers. Wolves. (1), Brothers and sisters. Cambodia. Escapes. Survival. War. (1), Boys. Confidence. Eagles (1), Adventure and adventurers. Kings (1), Antisocial behaviour. Cities and towns. Death. Family relations. Gangs. Grief. Murder. United States. (1), Family relations. Horse racing. Horses. Mass media. Mothers. Success. (1), Adolescents. Austria. Boys. Friendship. Homosexuality. Sex role. (1), Berlin. Boys. Cleverness. Courage. Crime and criminals. Detectives. Friendship. Gangs. Holidays. Hospitality. Resourcefulness. (1), Behaviour. Bullying. Justice. (1), Dingoes. Grasshoppers. (1), Courage. Dragons. Dwarfs. Elves. Good and evil. Magical objects. Quests. Treasure. Witches and wizards. (1), Inuit - social life and customs. Twins (1), Babysitters. Bullying. Exceptional children. Fixation. Friendship. Gangs. Growing up. Honesty. Mentors. Parent and child. Schools and students. Spies. (1), Bushrangers. Cleverness. Heroes and heroines. Western Australia (1), Cemeteries. Funeral customs. (1), Adolescents. Alienation. Other worlds. Self-perception. (1), Anatomy. Appearance. Fear. Friendship. Good and evil. Frankenstein. Monsters. Murder. Science experiments. Voyages and travels. (1), Life on other planets. Monsters (1), Betrayal. Despotism. Fear. History. Love. Speech. Torture. Truth. War. (1), Cults. Despotism. Future. Nuclear weapons. Supernormal abilities. Utopias and dystopias. (1), Extraterrestrial life. Friendship. Interplanetary voyages. Sydney (1), Australia-history 1851-1901. Girls. Growing up. Individuality. Melbourne (1), Bananas. Chases. Clothing and dress. Play. (1), Belgium - social life and customs. Twins (1), Spain - social life and customs. Twins (1), Ireland - social life and customs. Twins (1), France - social life and customs. Twins (1), Animals-Australia. Droving. Mules. (1), China - social life and customs. Twins (1), Country life. Horses. Stealing. Pursuit. (1), Disability. Optimism (1), Aboriginal peoples. Genealogy. Growing up. Secrets. Self-perception. Western Australia. (1), Adolescents. Australia (1), Animal-human relationships. Caravans. Food. Holidays. Mythical animals. Parent and child. Responsibility. (1), FOLK TALE. HISTORICAL. Archery. Despotism. Dissent. Freedom. Heroes and heroines. Switzerland. (1), Adolescents. Crime and criminals. Emotionally disturbed children. Family violence. Friendship. Girls. Honesty. (1), Families. France-history-20th Century. Holocaust Jewish- 1939-1945. Refugees. Schools and schooling. (1), Aboriginal peoples-history (1), Australia-history 1788-1851 (1), Friendship-interracial (1), Hiding places (secret chambers etc.) (1), Jewish Holocaust - 1939-1945 (1), Boys. Clothing and dress. Conflict. Jungles. Problem solving. Tigers. (1), Adolescents. Boys. Dating. Embarrassment. Family life. Love. Surfing. (1), Death. Farm animals. Friendship. Pigs. Spiders. Spinning and weaving (1), Brothers and sisters. Castles. Family relations. Girls. Love. Selfishness. (1), Fairies. Forests and forestry. Good and evil. Nature study. Plants-Australia. (1), Good and evil. Heroes and heroines. Japan. Japan (1), Cleverness. Inventions. Mice. Problem solving. Rats. Science-experiments. Survival. (1), Cleverness. Family. Friendship. Good and evil. Interplanetary voyages. Love. Other worlds. Pride. Self-perception. Supernatural creatures. (1), Friendship. Magic. Murder. Story characters. Trust. Wales. Witches and wizards. (1), Adventure and adventurers. Animals-Australia. Courts. Food. Friendship. Poetry. Puddings. Robbers and outlaws. Stealing. (1), Afro-Americans. Brothers and sisters. Courage. Family relations. Farms and farming. Murder. Poverty. Racism. Schools and students. United States-early 20th century. United States-Southern states (1), Fathers. Farms and farming. Forests and forestry. Girls. Home. Home economics. Lifestyles (1), Girls. Schools and students. (1), Sodor (1), Aboriginal peoples-Dreaming. Change-environmental. City children. Comets and meteors. Demonstrations. Magic. Sydney (1), Antisocial behaviour. Crime and criminals. Deception. Fear. Friendship. Good and evil. Great Britain-19th century. Joy and sorrow. Love. Marriage. Social life and customs. Women. Women's rights. (1), Deception. Detectives. Fear. Great Britain-early 20th century. Murder. Superstition. (1), Alienation. Divorce. Family violence. Girls. Schools and students. Speech. (1), Empathy. Friendship-aged and children. Girls. Horses. Independence. Memory. (1), Accidents. Appearance. Brothers and sisters. Self-perception. Size and shape. Supernormal abilities. (1), Wales-Social life and customs. Village life. Human relationships. (1), Adolescents. Australia-social life and customs. Behaviour. Conformity. Dating. Girls. Sex. Sex role. Sexism. Surfing. (1), Conflict. Love. Shakespeare (1), Bullies. Courage. Eccentrics. Friendship. Misbehaviour. Monkeys. Orphans and orphanages. Play. Problem solving. Strength. (1), Survival. Hungary-History. World war-1939-1945 (1), Bicycles and cycling. Boasting. Horses. Traffic accidents. (1), Ability. Brumbies. Chases. Heroes and heroines. Horses. Snowy Mountains. (1), Bedtime. Children. Clothing and dress. Individuality. Play. Similarity. (1), Nurses and nursing. (1), CUMULATIVE (1), Animal-human relationships. Animals-treatment. Coorong (1), Death. Friendship. Grief. Imagination. Play. (1), Disability-physical. Independence. Love. Parent and child. Persistence. Responsibility. (1), Brothers and sisters. Courage. Empathy. Fathers. Growing up. Justice. Poverty. Prejudice. Revenge. Schools and students. United States-early 20th century. United States-Southern states. (1), City children. Disability-intellectual. Exceptional children. Friendship. Horse racing. Problem solving. Sydney (1), Country children (1), loneliness. Problem solving. Seasons. Self-perception. Self-sufficiency. Solitude. Survival. (1), Dispossession (1), Amsterdam (1), Ghosts. (1), Great Barrier Reef (1), usefulness (1), World War-1939-1945 (1), Cyclones (1), australian bush (1), West Indies (1), Melbourne (1), humorous stories (1), journeys (1), Community life (1), Hate (1), Digital world (1), Aboriginal peoples (1), Cats. (1), Human relationships (1), Love (1), Consumerism (1), Future (1), Grief (1), Trains (1), Diaries (1), Time travel (1), Camping (1), Pirates (1), Islands (1), wombats (1), Tasmania (1), Accidents (1), flying (1), London (1), fairies (1), other worlds (1), France (1), United States (1), Treasure (1), Dystopias (1), Girls (1), nannies (1), Australia (1), islands (1), World War 1939-1945 (1), trees (1), hawks (1), rivers (1), cousins (1), Santa Claus (1), family stories (1), twins (1), wildlife (1), Prejudices (1), Anne Frank (1), holidays (1), seaside (1), Murder. (1), Assertiveness (1), Suffering (1), Adolescents (1), SA. Joy and sorrow. Pelicans (1), queens and rulers. Murder. Scotland. Shakespeare (1), SA. Boys. Country life. Germans in Australia. Growing up. (1), etc. Hunting. Independence (1), queens and rulers. Magical objects. Other worlds. Rabbits. Size and shape. Word play (1), cousins. Loyalty. Problem solving. Tasmania. Tasmanian tigers. Wilderness areas. (1), Gods and goddesses. Good and evil. Other worlds. Supernatural creatures. Witches and wizards. (1), ancient. Conflict. France. Magic. Witches and wizards. (1), Central. Family violence. Girls. Hope. Runaways. Self-perception. (1), cousins. Boys. Country life. Friendship. Tasmania. Wilderness areas. (1), Vic. Sex role. (1), SUPERNATURAL. HORROR. (1), Comparative. Murder. Rejection. Violence and non-violence. (1), Blessing and cursing. Kings (1), queens and rulers. Lifestyles (1), queens and rulers. London. Poverty. Princes and princesses. Social life and customs. (1), William. Violence and non-violence. (1), Alienation. Family relations. Great Britain-499-1066. Great Britain-17th century. (1), cousins. Gardening and gardens. Great Britain-late 19th century. Misbehaviour. Orphans and orphanages. Secrets. Sick persons. Yorkshire (England). (1), Vic. Guilt. Leadership. Survival. (1), Central. Cultural diversity. Outback. Racism. Survival. (1), Comparative. Mothers. Pioneers and pioneering life. Play. Resourcefulness. United States-19th century. (1), Feudal. Quests. (1), Central. Brothers and sisters. Outback. Responsibility. Self-perception. Survival. (1), NSW. Truth. (1), queens and rulers. Other worlds. (1), Qld. Children. Good and evil. Kidnapping. Outback (1), SA. Survival (1), NSW. Truth. Worry. (1), patypuses (1), Fathers (1), Brothers and sisters (1), Conflict (1), Self-perception (1), Civilisation (1), Children's stories (1), Growing Up (1), Spies (1), Blindness (1), Responsibility (1), WESTERN (1), Individuality (1), Alienation (1), Psychologists (1), Family relations (1), bears animals (1), Mentors (1), FABLE (1), MULTICULTURAL (1), Virtual reality (1), Adventure and adventurers (1), Drugs. Friendship. Honesty. Loneliness. Self-perception. (1), Growing up. Magic. Other worlds. Pride. Schools and students. Witches and wizards. (1), Future. Nuclear weapons. Radiation-physiological effects. Sick persons. Survival. (1), Cape York (1), United States-19th century (1), Famous persons (1), Time travel. (1), Childhood Dogs Cats Play (1), War. World War- 1939-1945 (1)
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