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Dec 12, 2010
Real Name
Amanda Rease
About My Library
99.9 percent used books in very good condition, with or without dust covers. Subjects and places that interest me worldwide.
About Me
Prefer nonfiction/historical fiction: History, Art, Criticisms, Anthologies, Protestant Reformation themes, various translations of Holy Scripture, Histories of Bible translations.

Favorite 19thcen Novels: [The Portrait of a Lady], and [Middlemarch], [Pride and Prejudice],[Fathers and Sons]

Generally, I browse my library/or read heavily during the weekend which I designated for recreational reading. Occasionally I will slip off the reading wagon and do some in the middle of the night as I have fibromyalgia and insomnia is part of the syndrome. Occasionally, I will check out DVDs at public library which stimulate interests in an author or the book the DVD is based on. That is how I ended up reading some Henry James.

I am at midlife and am now looking back, reflecting on how and what people were thinking; people who affected the thinking of others for decades and centuries. Pros/Cons, etc.

I got a real kick out of reading some 19th cent Fiction due to the vocabulary and quotable phrases. I made a journal during my reading of a couple of books just to recall the quotes I found worthy of discussion and words I want to incorporate into my vocabulary gradually. This is a prodigous endeavor for I am combating fogginess due to fibro. Good brain exercises, don't ya think?

I have recently rediscovered C-SPAN and the BookTV website...check it out...good lead for non-fiction books and authors...the end.

Last but not least, love miniature poodles.

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