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Nov 6, 2007
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About My Library
Trying to get control of a rather unruly collection, mostly history and science fiction. As you can see I buy more books than I get around to reading. I was going to catch up when I retired. As it turns out, that just gave me more time to buy books.
About my book status tag: I have now completely converted my book status over to collections.
I am now the owner of several Kindles (got my first one for Father's Day a couple of years ago). Since the kindle books are proprietary I am going to treat them like any other book I own...just keep them in my Kindle bookcase as tag:ebook.
About my uncompleted collection: I have added this catagory to describe books that I, for one reason or another, did not or will not finish. It does not imply that I did not like the books. It just means I am faced with more books than time.
About Me
Retired but still curious.
My interests tend towards History and Genealogy which I am exploring at my website and in my blog
I'm a member of the Library Thing Seattlite Discussion Group Book Club - Third Place Thingers
Issaquah, WA
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