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haaaay.i'm nat.

some may know me as the chick that goes red all the time!!!
most of my group now call me Natty Patty =P

friends mean alot to me.
TONI. you so funny and nice and can talk so fast that half the time im like WHAT ??? but i still love you anyways =D

LEAH. one of the funny ones of the group. there's never a dull moment with this one around. we both have the SEXX-AYest bfs alive (seriously there HOT!!!)

NARLENE. another HILARIOUS girl and great friend

SHANNON. one of the most beautiful and sweetest people you would ever meet. shes always there for you and never willing to have a fight with ANYONE!!

KYRA. so quiet yet i still notice when shes not around. well known twilight hater but i still lovwe her

ALICIA. yet another great friend. shes always there to cheer you up with a big smile on her face

CASEY. two words to describe this chick SMARTY PANTS!!

ATHINA. another smart genius but also a very cute and adorable friend!!

FRED&BARRY: mine and Leah's VERY HOT bfs. my bf lives only in y msn convo's (Fred) and Leah's bf lives in the back of her diary and never leaves her side at school (Barry)they're the sexx-ayyest guys ALIVE!!

i dont know what id do without you girls ily all to bits!! xx

your all so beautiful and funny and the bestest friends ive ever had

they mean the world to me. i have no idea what i would do without them. they're so cool and i hope we stay friends forever!! =)

P.S. dont ask about the whole two i's in natalie... toni made it!!! lols =D

here =]