spec (337), 20th c (297), 21st c (222), mystery (125), manners (95), children-mg (92), language stuff (70), lgbtq (69), collection (67), witches (61), horror-gothic (61), humor (57), spaceships (56), islands (52), theater (51), 90s (49), 60s (46), young adult (40), year of shakespeare (40), nonfiction (37), alternate-parallel (36), 80s (34), 19th c (33), 70s (26), poetry (19), pre-mod (12)
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Sep 22, 2021
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My tags, explained:

alternate/parallel -- contain or discuss alternate histories, parallel worlds, and/or other dimensions (does not include other-world fantasy like Discworld)

children-mg -- children's and middle grade

collection -- collected works of a single author, anthologies of multiple authors, any multi-volume box sets

horror-gothic -- and/or, not necessarily both

humor -- where humor is the point, or just books I think are funny

language stuff -- significant focus on language, linguistics, translation, names, accent and dialect, the importance of the spoken or printed word, publishing and copy, the phrasing of prophecies, conlangs, punctuation, or any combo of the above

lgbtq -- the author, the characters, or the vibe (you know)

manners -- comedies of manners, novels of manners, and any books that prominently focus on the detailed observation of the customs, values, and mores of a particular social world

mystery -- books with mysteries (books that just have twists don't count)

nonfiction -- incl. memoir, semi-fictionalized memoirs, nonfiction novels

poetry -- modern, classic, or narrative (not incl. shakespeare's plays even when mostly in verse)

pre-mod -- anything written before Early Modern English

spaceships -- there's spaceships in it

spec -- all speculative fiction, including fantasy, sci fi, dystopia, mythology, etc

theater -- plays, books about theater

witches -- there's witches in it (using the specific word "witch" is not necessary or sufficient for this tag, they have to be witches)

year of shakespeare -- tag for the project where my roommates and I read all of Shakespeare's plays aloud between April 25th, 2020 and April 25th, 2021

young adult -- written for teens or read mostly by teens, may incl. some "new adult"

19th c, 60s, etc -- date pub'd
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