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Dec 24, 2008
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My library is fairly eclectic but there are definitely some specific categories that could be outlined. I have a wide selection of Mormon literature including both church doctrine and early church history. Then I have accumulated a lot of philosophical books from my undergraduate studies, and a good deal of ancient literature particularly from the greek and roman worlds. I also have gathered a variety of other histories and non-fiction books on various subjects. Finally, I try to save myself from boredom by collecting a good sampling of classic and modern fiction.
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I grew up on the Cascade mountain range of Oregon in a small area called Silver Falls. I wasn't much of a student in High School but always loved to read. After completing a bachelor's degree in philosophy at Brigham Young University I am now attending law school at the University of Utah. I enjoy all sorts of activities including traditional sports like football and lacrosse, as well as outdoor things like fly fishing and hunting.
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