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Books, books and more books.Can't throw away a book and have well over 5000 books in my house from Dr.Suess, primary school readers(think Dick and Jane, Mr.Whiskers, See Spot run)to Homer. All my kids read as much as I do much to the teachers distress,( books hidden in binders, under notebooks, on thier knees) but on the other hand they all read way above thier age level.I have no one type of book peference,I love a great mystery,fantasy, autobiography, history,sci-fi,chick read,or humour. I have huge collection of John Creasey,Saul,King,Kellerman,(all three,Goodkind,Fern Michaels,Anne Rice,Nora Roberts,Peter Robinson and on and on. Always searching for the next great read so feel free to recommend your favourites.A few of mine are: Five Smooth Stones, A Recipe for Bees, Marley and Me, The KiteRunner, Snow Falling on Cedars, and The Lions Paw.
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I am female, hear me roar, or at least cheer on the Sisterhood!(read Fern Michaels.I've been reading since I was 5 and thats a few years now.I live in rural alberta with my kids,horses,dogs and books.Spent many years in the frozen north, Inuvik, which with its long winters make for perfect reading time.Now I am retired from Search and Rescue, due to unset of M.S. so have too much time to read! (as if you can ever read too much)or go on to POGO to chase those badges!..lol
Alberta , Canada
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