Real Name
Scott Gibson
About My Library

It houses both pleasure and profession. I've seen it evolve over the last decade from a place of pure imagination to now house those ideas which, when inserted into my brainmouth and chewed to the correct consistency, should provide something new. I have such mixed feelings not having had time nor taken time to read for fantasy, for imagination, for...well not for pleasure. For I've found new pleasure in trying to understand the ideas that share a thread from ancient Greece up to our late, liquid modernity.

About Me

An academic in a project manager's clothing, I am currently working on completing my Master's program at Simon Fraser University in Liberal Arts, and riding that train right to a PhD if the fates will it. I am focused on virtue ethics (specifically the virtue of temperance), the effects of modernity on human connection, and how the role of narrative shapes our relationship to and treatment of the earth and her environs.

As part of my thesis work I will be doing a narrative study comparing question responses from Canadian participants in the so-called "Freedom Convoy" against responses from Canadian health-care workers. I will be looking to understand the values each group hold, how they place themselves in the narrative structure of the events of the past 2-3 years, and to try to expose a purity/pollution perspective in regards to attitudes toward both the COVID virus and vaccinations as a whole.

Vancouver Canada
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