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Nøgleordssky, Forfattersky, Nøgleordsspejl
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Jul 1, 2008
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About My Library
I don't have enough shelves for books nor do I have enough wall space for shelves, yet I am a compulsive book-buyer. Once upon a time, my only hobby was reading so it didn't matter if I bought too many, because I read them all. Now, I have a gazillion hobbies (including yarn crafts), and it's hard to balance my time among them.

There are books in every room of my apartment (including the kitchen closet), and, so far, I have only recorded the ones that are in my bedroom (which happen to be the Japanese manga) and a handful of books scattered about my living room. I will continue to record more.

For fiction, I mostly read fantasy, mysteries, juvenile and young adult books, and shoujo manga. I also love reading Latin-American literature and books with a certain rhythm and flow to the language, and have a fondness for a twinge of nostalgia. I tend to avoid gothic novels and romance novels. I also collect language-learning books, travel books, and books for crochet patterns. Yes, I try to collect some juvenile mystery series from the 1940s-1960s (and I would love to have at least one book from The Dana Girls and from Judy Bolton). And, yes, I prefer to read manga in Japanese.
About Me
I work in information technology - doing things from technical support to minor development to testing and validation to business and systems analysis, etc - for an independent ethics review board for clinical research studies. I'm somewhat of a collector and a pack rat. I outgrew my apartment quite a while ago... just like I pretty much outgrew my college dorm space (hah). My husband and I hope to eventually find a place that will fit the both of us.

Other than reading, re-reading, and buying more books which might not be read for quite a while, I like languages (trying to teach myself Korean and Mandarin Chinese.. also a couple of programming languages), linguistics, photography, dance (ballroom, mostly), crafts (crochet, knit, crossovers between crochet and knit, origami, etc), watching movies and Asian dramas, traveling (with whatever little chance I get), historical museums, etc. I like going places I've never been before, going to gardens, going to flight museums...
Lynnwood, WA
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