Real Name
Elizabeth "Libby" Shea
About My Library
I have an extensive collection that fills up every shelf available and then some throughout my house as well as stored in over 30 boxes in my storage garage (but I do have a complete index of what each box contains!) A good portion of those books I still need to read! I basically have done a pretty good job of not buying for the last two years and now use my local library or search for good quality at used book stores or thrift stores (you can't imagine what great finds some of them have) -- unless I really must have it and can't wait!

My stars reflect purely how I reacted to the book at the time of reading. It didn't have to be the best written book to generate a great rating, it just had to leave me feeling that way for whatever the reason(s).

5 stars = loved everything about it and wanted more
4 stars = great read
3 stars = enjoyable read, but still skipped some paragraphs and was ready for it to end
2 stars = so-so, but did have some redeeming qualities
1 star = I can't believe I finished it ....
About Me
I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie were childhood favorites. My older sister and I loved going to the library every other week and getting as many books as we could that we then could share. I am rarely without a book where ever I go. I try to be open to all kinds of genres, but mystery/crime/suspense are my favorites.

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Local Favorites

Boghandlere: Adams Avenue Book Store, Fifth Avenue Books, Mysterious Galaxy, Nina's Books, Warwick's

Biblioteker: San Diego Public Library - North Park Branch