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Larisa Biyuts
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Live & Learn. I learn what I need and share what I know.
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I believe in yesterday, for really, history and the past of humankind may be a fascinating subject for a chat, and history my hobby, the steep turns & junctions of time, besides, your own past is the only thing that nobody can take away. Translator and author from East Europe. 14 books of fiction, essays, notes, 2 books of poetry. Un poete maudit. Gay-admirer. Straight fetishist. My fetish is gay erotic stories and my novels. Human literature. Author of my photies and my own photo model. Some of my online friends wonder what I want online/on the Net, at my age. Mutually beneficial information exchange. It’s so simple. Mutually beneficial relations are not so simple yet possible too, no? Next, if I have MBIE and MBR, then I have a chance to get something more which is my interest too.
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