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I love to read many kinds of books, but mainly I love historical fiction, history, vampires and fiction ones. I am particulary interested in ancient Rome and Greece, and also asian culture in general. I have been listing the books I read since 2002, and I plan to add as many a I can here, although for now I am mostly updating the books I want to read in 2009.

I decided to join the 999 challenge next year, which is crazy since I haven't read that many books in 2008 and my course load was lighter than it will be in 2009. But,there's nothing like a challenge to give you the necessary motivation!

Plus, if I fail to read the 81, I can always aim at the 75 books challenge, which would be slightly easier! This challenge having no category restriction, I will be able to count in it the books for school, which should help me reach the goal! Haha! :-)

My Ratings go like this:
***** (Favorites! I very rarely give 5 stars to a book)
**** (Very good)
*** (Good, not great)
** (It was ok...)
* (Didn't like it)
About Me
I'm a student of art history, a compulsive books buyer, a curious reader, a photographer of nature, a friend of cats, a french speaking canadian (english is my second language), a coffee addict, a night owl and also I laugh easily, but I'm very timid and don't speak much. :-)
Montreal / Canada
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