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Feb 8, 2010
Real Name
Kaipa Kartik
About My Library
Just some of the stuff that I have read. Lots of graphic novels because they are the most recent additions. Read a lot of sci fi and fantasy as well.
About Me
Well so how do I start. I suppose it would be best to do it chronologically.

I was born on April 15th 1987 in Bombay now called Mumbai. After that I was in Jaipur for some time and I think I did my Kindergarten there. Thereafter I was in Pune for seven years where I did nothing except reading novels and wasting my time.

After that I was in Goa for four years and passed my tenth boards from Goa. Goa was a wonderful place but horrible for education purposes. I think I managed to top my school with something around 81 percent.

Next I moved to Lucknow. In Lucknow I discovered that people actually studied everyday and actually studied lots everyday as well but nobody said they studied resulting in the fact that I messed up my exams. I think I managed 88 percent in the twelth boards.(But in an examination where 95 percent was good this was nothing much to rave about)

Next I was in Kota for a year where I had gone to prepare for getting into IITs which are the most prestigious institutes in the country. Again Kota was a different experience. I discovered that people give up sleep to study and study lots and lots. Around three months before the exam it struck me that the only way to get through this exam would be to sleep less and study more( What a stroke of brilliance on my part). So I slept less and studied more and got a much better rank than I expected of 296 and am currently pursuing a Btech/ Mtech Dual Degree program in Computer Science at IIT Kanpur.

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