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Oct 3, 2006
Real Name
Jack Zerby
About My Library
Began in 1976 with a book ("Down the Fairway" by O.B.Keeler and Bobby Jones) purchased at a flea market; Owned collection focuses on varied baseball subjects, college football, golf, U.S. history and progressivism, Christian spiritual development, American Civil War/Reconstruction/New South and the history of the Georgia sea islands; Substantial number of cataloged books have been borrowed from the Transylvania County Library, a gem for a county with only 36,000 people, where I'm an original member of the unique Wonderful Wednesday book discussion group . . . My member gallery here features images representative of my published SABR biographies and Games Project accounts (accessible at the Homepage link below), with additional images of other miscellaneous subject areas in which I enjoy reading and researching.
About Me
Native of rural western Pennsylvania; Retired attorney and trusts-estates administrator; Undergrad degree in journalism (Michigan State University), law degree (University of Michigan); former public defender, then assistant district attorney; Taught adult education classes in baseball history/research and U.S. Constitution in series at Brevard (N.C.) College; Web-published writer, fact-checker, and editor for the Society for the American Baseball Research (SABR) Baseball Biography Project and Baseball Games Project; Enjoyed church choir and community choral singing until COVID-19 shutdown in March 2020 . . . I've lived in western Pennsylvania, Michigan, and southwest Florida, and have been a "half-back" retiree in western North Carolina since 2005.
Brevard, North Carolina
Local Favorites

Boghandlere: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Town Square at Biltmore Park

Biblioteker: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - A. Bartlett Giamatti Research Center, Transylvania County Library

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