About Me

i'm in my 20s, trying to keep my mind afloat. i consider myself pretty far left politically, but i am always learning more theory and still have a lot to go. i am really drawn towards postmodern philosophy, and i'll likely be trying to make sense of it for the rest of my life. specifically, i'd really like to understand baudrillard's work better, as i feel his ideas are painfully relevant as we move through the 21st century.

i like poetry; i dabble in writing some every once in a while. i enjoy watching and critiquing films with my boyfriend. i have a fascination with the past and anxiety about the future; both occupy my mind most of the time. i also have a passive interest in ecology - simple things like plant identification, understanding mountainous biomes - things like that. i studied psychology in school, and still have a large interest in that, but it's mostly taken a backseat to other things.

Local Favorites

Boghandlere: Strand Bookstore, Tattered Cover Book Store - Historic LoDo