Real Name
Joyce Fischer
About My Library
This is my list. It is a virtual library. I will try to remember as many of the books I've read as possible and comment on them. It will grow over time. I will comment on the ones I remember the best.

I hope it will be of some use to some one.
About Me
I have always read a lot. It's been my escape, my comfort, my entertainment, my connection when I feel there is nobody to connect with.
I have had to give away more books than I care to remember over the years because of my many moves. In this last one overseas, I had to could only afford to keep a few books, so I have kept only the ones that are hard to replace. Thus, my real world library consists mainly of arts and crafts books and a few education books. But much as I try to stop it, my library continues to grow. I live in a one room apartment and don't have room for a lot of books, so I trade them in or share them when I can. I really miss being able to use a library. I didn't know how expensive my reading habit could be until I had to purchase every book I read.

Jeonju, South Korea
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