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Chris McGowan
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My library is quite diverse. Science fiction and fantasy, "cultural mysteries" (those set in various countries or interesting cultural settings), travel essays, Beat-generation and French-symbolist poetry, world literature, books about Brazil, music studies, naturist/ecology books (especially about Brazil or North America), cosmology and physics, religion and mythology.
About Me
I am the author of the science-fiction novel "The Big God Network," and of the music study "The Brazilian Sound: Samba, Bossa Nova and the Popular Music of Brazil" (Temple University Press), which is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon worldwide and as an EPUB Nook ebook from Barnes and Noble. My website has links to reviews and my books.

I also blog for "The Huffington Post" about diverse subjects, including Brazil, environmental issues, and politics. In the past, I was a journalist who published articles in Billboard, the Los Angeles Times, Musician, L.A. Weekly, Tower Pulse!, Los Angeles magazine, Widescreen Review, and many other publications.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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