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It's a lot like a small public library, but I don't have a board, state certification requirements, or, well, any money. (That last one is pretty recent.) We have esp. thorough collection concentrations in self-help and mental health, as you may imagine. Not open to the public; we are on WISCAT, and if you need something we have, ask your local public library (or academic, if you are a student) for it, and we'll lend.

At home, I have too many books to even THINK about cataloging them in any way, except to keep them in rough shelf-based categories like "Reference", "Books in French", "Jewish Stuff", "Humor", "Things I Haven't Read Yet But Might Someday Or Maybe I'll Donate Them to the Public Library Booksale", and "Historical Fiction Set in Spain and/or Portugal pre-1600 And Dealing With Persecution of Jews". (Yes, those are ALL actual categories in my book collection. That last one is threatening to spill onto a second shelf.)
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I'm the Patients' Librarian at Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison, WI. I'm also a single (and looking) 41-year-old fun person who loves choral music, reading, traveling, historical re-creation (SCA Laurel in Bardic Arts), languages, all kinds of crafts (knitting is the main one right now, but I also paint, embroider, and make costumes).
Madison, WI
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