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Om migI am a fanciful, rather poetic soul. Beauty, art, music, poetry; these are essential to my being. I am entranced by the ripple of a sweet zephyr on a woodland pool, the scent of field and tree after rain, the song of life. Unabashedly, I kiss flowers, hug trees, and frolic among tall grasses. If ever you were to call me odd, I would likely smile and curtsey! I am a sensual mystic, an idealistic hedonist. I am an utterly Pagan creature, eclectic and nature~adoring. Deities whose shrines I frequent are Pan, Epona, Bacchus/Dionysus, Cernunnos, Demeter/Persephone, Shiva, and Brigid. I tend to feel most at home with the deities of the British Isles, Greece, and India. I am very close to the Fae, and feel a spark of the Faerie Realm within myself.

Upon meeting me, people seldom seem to forget me, though I know not why. I have waist length wavy to curly dark golden tresses (currently a vibrant ginger, thank to henna), a heart~shaped face, large blue eyes, cupids~bow lips, and ivory~pale skin. You will seldom see me wear trousers, and in fact, I own only 3 pair. My daily vestments include long flowing skirts or short pleated concoctions, with period blouses, fetish-wear, or otherwise charming t~shirts or tank~tops. Steampunk and various loli-type things inspire me as well. I am terribly fond of corsets and cinchers, and I have an indecent appreciation of stockings, tights, and garters. Upon my feet are army surplus boots or lace~up ballet flats, although I covet a pair of these. Period shoes, clothes, and accessories fascinate me, and I am perfectly willing to wear them whenever I see fit. Often, my hair is long, loose, and wylde, but I adore playing with ribbon, twine, and bobby pins to create whimsically Vintage updos. And, of course, flowers...not nearly enough lasses wear flowers in their hair!

Perhaps you have an utter innocent in your mind, but I am also a buxom wench, and a shameless hussy! I proudly reclaim the words wench, hussy, trollop, strumpet, and the like *wicked grin*. I have an unholy fetish for the following: my burly hairyscotsman, kilts, rough brogues, leather, corsets, buckles, being tied up, japanese rope bondage, long hair...oh, yes. I adore the human body, and am ridiculously sensual. I love to touch. I am a registered Wench, #2857; do go and visit The International Wenches Guild...we are delicious. I am an aspiring alt/fetish model, seeking connections and working on building a portfolio.

I am deeply enamoured of times past, and a proud history geek. The clothing, hair~styles, manners and mannerisms, social conditions fascinate me utterly. Historical costuming and recreation are among my most favoured pursuits, and as may be gleaned from above, Renaissance Faires and SCA are places of joy and sanctuary. There, I find similarly odd people, and participate in marvellously odd activities, such as period dancing, archery, fencing, old time crafts, calligraphy, sewing and weaving, etc. I tend to speak and dress very intentionally, with a quaint and archaic air. There is a charm and grace present to me in these times which I find sadly lacking in modern society, although of course I choose only the best from each time to emulate! *merry grin* No bubonic plague re~enactment for me, no new inquisition, and so on...

I am an incurable amateur academic. That which my studies focus on include Medieval History, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, Arthuriana and Folklore/Mythology. As for which languages to choose, perhaps Welsh and Latin...or Old English...or.....*wistful sigh*. I fully intend to know all of the following languages in time: French, German, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Welsh, Italian, Turkish, Irish and Scots Gaelic, Hindi, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, Sanskrit, Old English, Russian, Basque, Sindarin, Quenya, Arabic, Hebrew, Old Norse, Old French, Old Irish, etc.

I have a rather addictive personality. Most of my interests quickly escalate into obsessions, and I embrace this readily. I regret that I shall not have time to do all that I wish in life: read all the books, see all of the sights, create all the beauty, visit all of the places...it is difficult for me to fathom boredom!


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FødenavnIvy Fraser

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Medlem sidenMay 5, 2006

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