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Nov 10, 2009
Real Name
S. Jennifer Gray Charnoe
About My Library
This wonderful collection is shared with my spouse, Zeera P. Charnoe (Zee Charnoe).
Many of the books were collected, by Zee, before we met.
A small library was also inherited by Zee, around 1987,
from the later Professor Kiyoshi Izumi.
We have acquired a number of books, e-books, audio books,
since we've been together,
and Zee has written and self-published 4 books since 2004.
(For more details about this library, see Zee's profile at librarything,
user name: ZeeCharnoe)

A portion of our library consists
of Zee Charnoe's writings and audio recordings, artwork, etc.
Zee's books do not currently have ISBN numbers.
Arten60, at LibraryThing most graciously created an Author's Page for Zee at this link:

Here is a direct link to Zee's online books (all free):

We have a blog and Zee Charnoe's audio recorded lectures from the '60's to present date are webcast on ANACLYSM Radio Program, Sunday afternoons, 1:00 EST, at this link:

Here is a direct link to all of Zee Charnoe's writings and audio-recordings, from the 1960's to the present date:

For a complete catalogue of all books, journals,
updated to the end of 1997, here is the direct link:

Zee Charnoe continues to write shorter documents
and we are currently in the process of audio recording all of his writings.
All of Zee's writings and audio recordings, to date, can be found here. Everything is freely available at:

ECOphysics - ANACLYSM - ECOhealth (Zee Charnoe)

Contact information:

Box 404, Paris, Ontario, Canada N3T 4P5
About Me
Updated as of April 6th, 2011:

- My spouse is Zeera (Zee) Charnoe (his user name at librarything is: ZeeCharnoe)

- I'm the owner of ECOhealth, a health consulting and publishing company, which allows me the opportunity to be a pseudo editor, publisher, website manager at google docs, transcriber, radio host (for our own webcast), librarian, researcher and agent (ie. cook and bottlewasher)

- I choose to be vegetarian (almost vegan), like Thai-Vietnamese, Chinese, E. Indian; know about raw plant-based food selection and preparation, eat it when I can, but must have my one or two daily coffees with cream

- In the second half of my life, I have been a student of Zen, Taoism, Huna, health of mind-body-spirit, workings of consciousness, scientific and spiritual explorations and writings / recordings by Zee Charnoe; so many areas of interest; practice meditation / mindfulness; have a wonderful life with my spouse

- in the first half of my life, I taught fitness, and weights, worked in community outreach, with people with multiple disabilities, ran a stroke recovery group, was a goat-cheese maker and goat-herder, organic and non-organic veggie farmer, writer, avid reader, administrative assistant and VP for an educational and research foundation and three companies specializing in life essential technologies.

- Continuing to be a lover of life, learning what it is to be content with the evolution that is possible from where I am.
Hamilton, Canada
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