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Emily Rutherford
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Half a thousand books on shelves and in boxes in California, Canada, and New Jersey--from picture books to textbooks, some gayer than others.
About Me
Undergraduate proto-historian, interested in modern social/cultural/intellectual/literary history in Britain and America--and gay social/cultural/intellectual/literary history in particular. Pursuing coursework that's eventually going to result in a senior thesis somehow involving the emergence of gay male intellectual communities in Britain and America; until then, I read the internet and take very long lunches.
Princeton, NJ
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Boghandlere: Bluestocking Books, Bridge Street Books, Busboys and Poets - 14th & V, D.G. Wills Books, Fifth Avenue Books, Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe, Labyrinth Books, Strand Bookstore, Warwick's

Biblioteker: Geisel Library - University of California, San Diego, Princeton Public Library, Princeton University - Firestone Library

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