Good. Teen. Fantasy. (8), Okay. Teen. Social commentary. (5), Okay. (5), Okay. Teen. (5), Okay. Teen. Fantasy. (4), Hilarious. Laugh out loud. Social commentary. (4), Disappointing. (3), Okay. Social commentary. (2), Okay. Murder. Detective. (2), Classic. Children's. (2), Good. (2), High School text. (2), University text. Okay. (2), Okay. Predictable. (2), Terrible. Teen. Fantasy. (1), Great. Harrowing. (1), Brilliant. War. Death. Emotional. (1), Terrible. Social commentary. (1), Good. Social commentary. Religion. (1), First book I've ever read that made me cry! (1), Disappointing. Social commentary. Violence. (1), Good. Interesting. Religion. (1), Good. Social commentary. True story. (1), Good. Children's. Childhood. (1), Good. Crime. (1), History. Biographical. Disappointing. (1), Atrocious (1), Terrible. Supernatural. (1), Terrible. Fantasy. (1), Okay. Teen. Fantasy. Disturbing. (1), Wonderful read. (1), Interesting. Okay. (1), Awful. Social commentary. Disappointing. (1), Good. children's. Classic. (1), Okay. Bizarre. Sexual. (1), Good. Social commentary. Touching. (1), Good. Touching. (1), Enjoyable. Funny. Tragic. (1), Brilliant. Teen. Page turner. Touching. War. (1), Violent. Murder. Social commentary. (1), Good. Romantic. Touching. (1), Okay. Teen. Historical. (1), Good. Funny. Fantasy. (1), Okay. Teen. Touching. Social commentary. (1), Okay. Literature. Social commentary. (1), Good. Teen. War. (1), Children's. Classic. (1), Good. Teen. Fantasy. Vampire. (1), Brilliant. Classic. Fantasy. (1), Okay. Touching. War. (1), Good. Murder. Teen. (1), Good. Social commentary. Media. (1), Okay. Teen. War. (1), Funny. Good. (1), Okay. Mental health. Univeristy text. (1), Good. Romantic. Classic. Predictable. (1), total waste of time. (1)
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Jun 4, 2009
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I love buying books, although I am starting to use my local public library again, as I don't have any space for any more books at the moment! I read a mixture of authors and genres, I love a good 'intelligent' author/book, but I also enjoy a good mass-market thriller. I also read alot of teen-fiction, as there is some great stuff out there that suits adults as well as teens. There are so many other books I have read that I can't remember, or I can only remember the cover, so I'm sure there's many more to add. I like most genres, although I have to admit I'm not a chick-lit or family saga type of girl!
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I have always read since I was a child, although during my teen years I neglected books in favour of music, clothes, shopping and boys! I started reading seriously again after my A-Levels and went to univeristy in Liverpool to read for a degree in American Studies with English Literature, therefore reading many authors I'd never heard of, others I had, and some that I really should have read! After a number of jobs I finally settled on a career in library work, completed the relevant MA qualification, and spent just over three and a half years working in an academic library in Cumbria. I now work for a book selection company, so I spend all day choosing the books that go into public libraries! I choose the adult fiction books for a number of counties in the UK, so I now have a veritable knowledge of all the great books that are coming out - so I can have first dibs in my local library, or buy them from our lovely showroom (with the much appreciated staff discount of course!). I enjoy being able to find out about authors who are up and coming, and can also look for books that suit my reading style.
Lancashire. UK
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