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Apr 15, 2009
Rigtige navn
Suzan Digh
Om mit bibliotek
We have a loose household rule that we're not supposed to keep books (minimalism and all that)... so mostly I read in digital or audiobook formats and, when I finish reading physical books, I drop them off in one of the dozen or so pop-up street-corner free libraries around town.

Books are grouped by their format (Books, Audiobooks and Ebooks)

To Read
To-read books to which I already have access.

To-read books to which I don't yet have access (i.e. I must go buy them).

Books in French
I've started reading books in French because I like the challenge, and it forces me to savor the story 'cause it takes me so darn long to read it.

a.k.a Dystopic, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia and etc. I use the one tag "apocalyptic" which includes any material that has the ending, new beginning, or post-ending of humankind/earth as we know it as its topic.

A catch-all for any mystery, detective, crime or non-horror thriller I read. (I don't read cozies).

I've started breaking the "crime" tags out into "action" - this is a work in progress, so they are still mostly mixed under "crime"

Reacher Replacement
I love Lee Child's Reacher character and am constantly on the lookout for similar types of characters.

Includes any book with a religious basis, premise or over-arching theme, regardless of genre or religion.

The rest of them
The tag name should be self-explanatory.

Star Ratings
I don't expect a genre novel to be great literature, but I do expect it to be logical and sensible and written with some minimum of skill.

1 star means the book was unpleasant to read. I won't read anything else by an author to whom I've given 1 star.

2 stars means the book wasn't worth the time to read. Normally I won't waste my time reading more by 2 star authors either.

3 stars is what I'd consider an average book which was acceptably written but which is not particularly engaging and would neither encourage nor discourage me from reading more by that author or in that series.

4 stars is slightly above average for its genre and indicates that I'm very likely to read more books by the author and/or from the series.

5 stars means the story stuck with me and/or it really surpassed my expectations and/or it made me think about something in a different way. I will actively try to find more books by these authors.
Om mig
When you read any of my posts/opinions/reviews, please keep in mind:
a) I am not an expert in anything and don't profess to be
b) I read genre fiction and I don't think less of myself because it "ain't literature"
c) I don't have "proof" for anything I say because: see a) & b)

I like my books mature, easy to read and moral-free.
I'm pretty tolerant but... if I've given an author 1 star this means they've managed, somehow, to offend the unoffendable me. Usually this means they were particularly misogynistic or racist. I will not read any more works by a 1 star author.

I don't read:
-authors to whom I've given 1 star
-children's books
-anything with teen angst (which includes most YA)
-historical fiction
-traditional/mainstream romance
Eastern Canada
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