$own (930), >TBR (347), fiction (304), >read 00s (288), poetry (264), $borrowed (230), @Libby (192), >read 10s (133), culture (127), history (102), %anthology (98), >read UG (91), "audiobook (81), $passed along (80), mathematics (76), psychology (69), >read HS (67), >reference (65), science (64), ICIS2010 (61), =course text (59), >read ES (58), household (58), French (57), %accumulation (56), calligraphy (51), UX (49), art (49), gender (48), technology (48), SFF (43), $caught-my-eye (41), fantasy (32), "audio (28), "graphic novel (25), >read MS (23), writing aid (23), religion and mythology (22), sex (22), music (21), philosophy (20), @office (19), design (18), politics (16), language (16), how-to (15), ~shifted my thought (15), humor (14), logic (13), "visual (13), health (12), "preprint (11), philosophy of science (10), methods (10), essay (9), food (9), examples (9), km (9), urbanization (9), sociology (9), society (9), algebra (8), AFAS (8), mystery (8), graphic (8), history of technology (7), typography (7), >read 20s (7), handwriting (7), PF (7), org sci (7), history of mathematics (7), folklore (7), business (6), @borrowed (6), economics (6), lit crit (6), ~family-related (6), German (6), "ebook (6), children's (6), textile (6), education (6), research (6), environment (5), set theory (5), green (5), media (5), dystopia (5), tools (5), law (5), virtual worlds (5), historical (5), HCI (5), memoir (5), history of medicine (4), linguistics (4), crafts (4), database (4), tech (4), theory (4), >abandoned (4), biography (4), statistics (4), @Latah (4), @loan Halee (4), communication (4), writing systems (3), GTM (3), accessibility (3), $lent (3), usability (3), writing (3), programming (3), episodic (3), criticism (3), history of ideas (3), illumination (3), organizing (3), alphabets (3), =reference book (3), piano (3), urban fantasy (2), "online (2), death (2), job (2), communications (2), Spanish (2), mythology (2), plants (2), ornamentation (2), layout (2), requirements (2), research methods (2), book-club (2), architecture (2), management (2), Celtic (2), textbook (2), project management (2), satire (2), visual (2), teaching (2), content management (2), bilingual (2), websites (2), nonfiction (2), class (1), biology (1), sff (1), computing (1), game theory (1), medicine (1), western (1), sf (1), mass media (1), nature (1), productivity (1), spy (1), disability (1), "pre-print (1), utopia (1), $discarded (1), childhood (1), love (1), =exhibit catalogue (1), ethics (1), $own-CJE (1), >unread (1), $destroyed (1), maps (1), time (1), &graphic (1), @lent to Jeff (1), IT value (1), intrigue (1), innovation (1), painting (1), marketing (1), wording (1), complexity (1), ergonomics (1), decision making (1), Japanese (1), ASL (1), modeling (1), trust (1), digital art (1), SD (1), anthology (1), romantic comedy (1), mixed-media (1), business process (1), home (1), expertise (1), conceptual art (1), spacing (1), drama (1), cases (1), hardware (1), methodology (1), tutorial (1), Native American (1), dss (1), decor (1), security (1), archeology (1), Latin (1), aging (1), archives (1), American (1), $gift (1), litcrit (1), Chinese (1), collecting (1), crime (1), illustrated (1), drawing (1), patterns (1), romantic tragedy (1), web design (1), Russian (1)
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Jul 1, 2007
About My Library
I've listed most of the books I own. I want my physical library to be "well-edited."

On ratings: something like stocks (strong buy - buy - hold - sell - strong sell) and something like recommendations (must have - highly recommended - recommended - mediocre - DTMFA).

On "collections": I have started tagging some things "passed along" if I had them, read them, then passed them along. What finally got me sucked into doing this is the Early Reviewers thread about sharing books; I was able to forward my ARC to someone else who really wanted to read it, but I could hardly delete it from my library because we are penalized for future ER books if we don't have a review in there. Thus, the tag. And having done that, which semiotically changes "library" from "books on my shelves" to "books that have some presence in my brain," it seemed that 2008 was the natural year to also start logging books I've read but do not owned. These last are currently tagged "borrowed," regardless of who or where I borrowed from.

I'm thinking of doing the LC Classification Challenge slowly over time (see the classification listing); that will be a project for when I need a break from research. (8

Class A: General Works
AC: Collections, Series, Collected Works
AE: Encyclopedias
AG: Dictionaries and other general Reference Works
AI: Indexes
AM: Museums, collectors and collecting
AP: Periodicals
AS: Academies and learned societies
AY: Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories
AZ: History of scholarship and learning

Class B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
* B: Philosophy. Freedom and Neurobiology
BC: Logic
* BD: Speculative philosophy. Second-Hand Knowledge
* BF: Psychology. Acts of Meaning
BH: Aesthetics
* BJ: Ethics. Things You Need to be Told
* BL: Religions, mythology, rationalism. Religion and Cultural Studies
* BM: Judaism. When Bad Things Happen to Good People
BP: Islam, Baha’ism, Theosophy
BQ; Buddhism
BR; Christianity
* BS: The Bible. Beyond Sex Roles
BT: Doctrinal Theology
* BV: Practical Theology. The Christian Family
* BX: Christian Denominations. The Life and Words of St. Francis of Assisi

Class C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
C: Auxiliary science of history
CB: History of Civilization
* CC: Archaeology. Lives in Ruins
CD: Diplomatics, Archives, Seals
CE: Technical Chronology
CJ: Numismatics
CN: Inscriptions
CR: Heraldry
CS: Genealogy
CT: Biography

Class D: History, General and Old World
* D: History, General. Maus II
DA: History of Great Britain, Ireland
DB: History of Austria
DC: History of France
DD: History of Germany
DE: History of Greco-Roman World
DF: History of Greece
DG: History of Italy, Malta
DH: History of Low Countries
DJ: History of Netherlands
DJK: History of Eastern Europe
* DK: History of Russia, Poland: Catherine the Great
DL: History of Northern Europe
DP: History of Spain and Portugal
DQ: History of Switzerland
DR: History of Balkan Peninsula
DS: History of Asia
* DT: History of Africa. The Translator
* DU: History of Oceania. Coming of Age in Samoa
DX: History of Gypsies

* Class E: History of America. Navajo Kinship and Marriage

* Class F: Local History of the United States and British, Dutch, French, and Latin America. Johnny Schmidt

Class G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
* G: Geography, Atlases, Maps. Drawing the Line
GA: Mathematical geography
* GB: Physical Geography. Inventing the Earth.
GC: Oceanography
* GE: Environmental Science. Wake Up and Smell the Planet
GF: Human Ecology, anthropogeography
GN: Anthropology
* GR: Folklore. Study of American Folklore
* GT: Manners and customs. I Don't Have a Thing to Wear
GV: Recreation, leisure

Class H: Social Sciences
* H -- Social sciences. Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design
* HA -- Statistics. Basics of Qualitative Research.
* HB -- Economic theory; Demography. The Economic Way of Thinking
* HC -- Economic history and conditions. The Working Poor
* HD -- Industries; Land use; Labor. Redesigning the American Dream
* HE -- Transportation and communications. The Victorian Internet
* HF -- Commerce. Birth of a Salesman
* HG -- Finance. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Personal Finance in your 20's and 30's
HJ -- Public finance
* HM -- Sociology (General). Readings About the Social Animal.
* HN -- Social history and conditions; Social problems; Social reform. Moral Politics.
* HQ -- The family; Marriage; Woman; Sexuality. The Technology of Orgasm
HS -- Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
HT -- Communities; Classes; Races
* HV -- Social pathology; Social and public welfare; Criminology. The Story of My Life (Keller).
HX -- Socialism; Communism; Anarchism

Class J: Political science
J: legislative and executive papers
* JA: Political science. The Green Reader
JC: Political theory
JF: Political institutions-general
JJ: Political institutions, North America
JK: Political institutions, United States
JL: Political institutions, Canada, etc.
JN: Political institutions, Europe
JQ: Political institutions, everywhere else
JS: Local government
JV: Colonies, colonization, immigration
JX: International law
JZ: International relations

K- Law
KB – Religious LawGeneral and comparative
KD - United Kingdom. England. Wales
KE - Canada (general)
* KF - United States (general). Celia, A Slave.
KG - Latin America (general & comparative). Central America & Caribbean (general & comparative)
KH - South America (general & comparative)
KJ - History of law in Europe. Law of ancient European tribes (Celts, etc.)
KK - Germany. West Germany
KL - History of law in the ancient Middle East (Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian,
KM - Asia (general & comparative)
KZ - Law of Nations. International law

Class L: Education
L: Education
* LA: History of education. Debating PC
* LB: Theory of education. Assessing Student Performance
LC: Social aspects of education
LD: Individual institutions, US
LE: Individual institutions, N. America
LF: Individual institutions, Europe
LG: Individual institutions, Everywhere else
LH: College and school magazines and papers
LJ: Student fraternities
LT: Textbooks

Class M: Music
* M: Music. Classics to Moderns.
* ML: Literature on music. Fargo Rock City.
MT: Musical instruction and study

Class N: Fine Arts

* N: Visual arts. The Graceful Envelope
* NA: Architecture. Not So Big Solutions for Your Home.
NB: Sculpture
* NC: Drawing. Golden Age of Advertising.
ND: Painting
* NE: Print media. Graphic Work of MC Escher
* NK: Decorative arts. An Animated Alphabet
* NX: Arts in general. The Female Body in Western Culture

Class P: Language and Literature
* P: Philology and linguistics. The Ascent of Babel
* PA: Greek and Latin language and literature. If Not, Winter
PB: Modern languages, Celtic languages
PC: Romantic languages
PD: Germanic languages
* PE: English language. Rules for the Dance.
PF: West Germanic languages
* PG: Slavic languages. View with a Grain of Sand.
PH: Uralic languages
* PJ: Oriental philology and literature. The Game of Forgetting
* PK: Indo-Iranian philology and literature. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
* PL: Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania. Nineteen Ways of Looking At Wang Wei.
PM: Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages
* PN: Literature (General). Fun Home
* PQ: French, Italian, Spanish Literature. La Machine Infernale
* PR: English literature. The Summer Tree
* PS: American Literature. The Space Child's Mother Goose.
* PT: German, Dutch literature. Novemberland
* PZ: Juvenile literature. Giants in the Earth

Class Q: Science
* Q: Science, general. In the Name of Science
* QA: Mathematics. Our Mathematical Heritage
* QB: Astronomy. A Brief History of Time
* QC: Physics. Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction
* QD: Chemistry. The Invention of Air
QE: Geology
* QH: Natural history, Biology. The Book of Man
QK: Botany
* QL: Zoology. Last Chance to See
QM: Human anatomy
* QP: Physiology. How Brains Make Up Their Minds
QR: Microbiology

Class R: Medicine
* R -- Medicine (General). Bag Balm and Duct Tape
* RA-- Public aspects of medicine. Our Bodies, Ourselves
RB-- Pathology
* RC-- Internal medicine. Myth of repressed memory.
* RD-- Surgery. Complications
* RE-- Ophthalmology. Island of the Colorblind
RF-- Otorhinolaryngology
RG-- Gynecology and obstetrics
* RJ-- Pediatrics. When Love Is Not Enough.
RK-- Dentistry
* RL-- Dermatology. The Complete Beauty Bible
RM-- Therapeutics. Pharmacology
RS-- Pharmacy and materia medica
RT-- Nursing
RV-- Botanic, Thomsonian, and eclectic medicine
RX-- Homeopathy
RZ-- Other systems of medicine

Class S: Agriculture
S -- Agriculture (General)
* SB-- Plant culture--The Forest and the City
SD-- Forestry
SF-- Animal culture
SH-- Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling.
SK-- Hunting sports

Class T: Technology
* T -- Technology (General). Cheaper By The Dozen.
* TA-- Engineering (General). Civil Engineering. To Engineer is Human
TC-- Hydraulic engineering - Ocean Engineering
* TD-- Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering. Unquenchable.
TE-- Highway engineering. Roads and pavements
TF-- Railroad engineering and operation
TG-- Bridge engineering
* TH-- Building construction. How to Make Your Own Recreation and Hobby Rooms.
TJ-- Mechanical engineering and machinery
* TK-- Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering. Articulating Design Decisions
* TL-- Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics. The Seven Secrets of How To Think Like A Rocket Scientist
* TN-- Mining engineering. Metallurgy. Dreadful Month.
* TP-- Chemical technology. Proof: The Science of Booze
* TR-- Photography. Peek
* TS-- Manufactures. The Design of Everyday Things
* TT-- Handicrafts. Arts and crafts. How to Build Your Own Furniture
* TX-- Home economics. The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Class U: Military science
* U -- Military Science (General). The Art of War.
UA - Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation
UB - Military administration
UC - Maintenance and transportation
UD - Infantry
UE - Cavalry. Armor
UF - Artillery
UG - Military engineering
UH - Other services
Class V: Naval science
V Naval science (General)
VA Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
VB Naval administration
VC Naval maintenance
VD Naval seaman
VE Marines
VF Naval ordnance
VG Minor services of navies
VK Navigation. Merchant marine
VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering

Class Z: Bibliography, Library science, Information resources
* Z -- Books (General). Lettering and Calligraphy Workbook
* ZA -- Information resources (General). The Ethics of Internet Research
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Brossard (ed.): Anthologie De la poésie des femmes au Québec

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