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Most of the books listed here I own and I have read all of them. It is my plan to review them as I re-read them or add to my collection.

Ratings: 5 stars = the very best, 4 = very good book, 3 = decent read, 2 = disappointing, 1 = awful, just awful.

I mostly read science fiction/fantasy for fun. I am interested in a number of textile crafts and have accumulated a quantity of books on these topics. I also read history, anthropology and astronomy books but rarely keep them in my collection.

Enchanting – there’s a dog in it
Heart-warming – a dog AND a child
Moving – child dies
Heart-rending – dog dies
Thoughtful – mind-numbingly tedious
Haunting – set in the past
Exotic – set abroad
Audacious – set in the future
Award-winning – set in India
Perceptive – set in north London
Provocative – infuriating
Epic – editor cowed by author’s reputation
From the pen of a master – same old same old
In the tradition of – shamelessly derivative
Spare and taut – under-researched
Richly detailed – over-researched
Disturbing – author bonkers
Stellar – author young and photogenic
Classic – author hanging in there
Vintage – author past it

Timeless — written a long time ago
Unforgettable — it will take you a long time to forgive yourself for buying this
Contemporary — includes a character with a mobile phone
Brave — libellous, but we think we can get away with it
Controversial — we didn’t get away with it, this is the new edition with cuts

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