too. (14), everything John Midas touched turned to precious chocolate. (13), Instead of gold (13), but his quick thinking and speedy action on the assembly line help save the candies. (9), George's curiosity causes a problem at the chocolate factory (9), In this book (8), the dog (7), the big red dog (5), the guinea pig (5), behavior (5), Grandfather tells a story about shape-changing fox fairies who try to best each other until a hunter brings danger to both of them. (5), Horrible Harry of classroom 2B cuts back on his mischievous pranks after falling for Song Lee. (5), Fluffy (4), Alexander is consoled by the thought that other people have bad days (4), One day when everything goes wrong for him (4), and how Mexicans celebrate the day. (4), the commemoration of the victory of the Mexican army over the French army on May 5 (4), This book uses simple text and photographs to explain the history of Cinco de Mayo (4), 1862 (4), A little creature tries and tries to do something special for his mother (3), After firefighters visit Ms. Day's classroom (3), but something always seems to go wrong. (3), from harvesting the cacao beans to making candy. (3), This book follows the process of manufacturing chocolate (3), Explains how people create too much waste and how waste is now recycled and put into landfills. (3), Fluffy gets a chance to see what they do firsthand. (3), This book uses simple text and photographs to describe the history of Passover and the many ways in which it is celebrated. (3), until her best friends Bree and Clara show up wearing matching pink polka-dot pajamas. (3), Nancy can't wait to wear her new nightgown for Pajama Day at school (3), but Hubie has never spent the night away from home and starts imagining all the bad things that can happen. (3), Andrew wants freckles more than anything else and uses a "freckle juice" recipe with hilarious results. (3), This book describes the physical characteristics (3), Mean Mrs. Green says that everyone has to invent something for the school science fair (3), The Bear family enter all their pets in the pet show at the Bear Town Festival (3), but everyone wonders which pets will receive prize ribbons from Mayor Honeypot. (3), how they grow (3), This book uses simple text and photographs to describe the history of Halloween and how it is celebrated. (3), Little Critter makes his first trip to the hospital after he breaks his leg in a soccer game. (3), The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real value of personal beauty and friendship. (3), and Hubie can't decide if he wants to clone himself or build a laugh machine. Book #4 (3), This book details the many things that teachers cannot do (3), Common sense and courage enable a young Eskimo girl to survive when she becomes lost in the Arctic wild. The plot contains graphic violence. (3), and knitted into a sweater. (3), spun into yarn (3), and how that wool is processed (3), This book describes how a sheep grows wool (3), and habitat. (3), from buying their own apples to going down the tube slide at recess. (3), When the current owner of the soup company breaks the founder's promise to have every letter in the alphabet in the soup (3), Martha takes action. (3), Moose thinks he has all his Christmas preparations taken care of (3), Peter's cousin Benjamin helps Peter get his clothes back from Mr. McGregor. (3), Little Critter (3), Skippyjon Jones (3), but at the last minute he must come up with a substitute for the Christmas tree. (3), and more. (3), which they use to help save a sick prince. (3), Math (3), and a magic apple (3), Dink (3), her family (3), a magic horse (3), Henry (3), In their travels (3), three sisters find a magic spyglass (3), however (3), Franklin learns to share with his little sister. (3), A funny story about Clifford's Easter. (3), Eric is having a New Year's Eve sleepover (3), Sam fails to keep up with the rest of the group and gets lost when his class goes to the zoo. (3), pigs (3), who works in an office. (2), and candy (2), occupied by a wicked witch who likes to have children for dinner. (2), Because her eating habits cause some problems (2), but redeems himself when the dirt creates an island for ducks in the pond. (2), first grader Junie B. copies a classmate's paper. (2), who finds her child every time. (2), where a polar bear leads them onto very thin ice. Book #12 (2), Tired of kindergarten (2), but everyone just wants to run for their lives! Book #3 (2), Curious George creates a mess when he boards a dump truck and spills a load of dirt in a pond (2), Bea Jones trades "jobs" with her father (2), A young bunny plays an imaginary game of hide-and-seek with his lovingly steadfast mother (2), and their travels are limited only by Harold's imagination. (2), Harold and his crayon go out for a walk (2), Arthur the Aardvark's younger sister has to stay home when the family eats out. (2), Henry does all he can to make him feel better. (2), come upon a house made of cookies (2), This book includes brief folktales in which there is a mystery or problem that the reader is invited to solve before the resolution is presented. (2), an old mouse agrees to show three young mice the "monster" at the top of the stairs. (2), Knowing that he must satisfy their curiosity (2), who devoted his life to civil rights and freedoms. (2), This book recounts the life of Martin Luther King Jr. (2), When Papa Bear tells the children why they should never talk to strangers (2), Mama Bear brings reassuring sense to the problem. (2), Spend the day with Kristy (2), and two best friends as they pick apples and pumpkins at Battleview Orchards in New Jersey. (2), their behavior (2), A poor woodcutter's children (2), In a series of letters (2), his science teacher (2), and his parents discuss the progress of a very unusual (2), Booter and Grubble (2), When Mudge gets sick unexpectedly (2), sometimes frightening plant that becomes more human as the summer progresses. (2), Blends fiction and nonfiction to convey facts about water supply while telling an amusing story about a wacky field trip. (2), The rhyming poems and vibrant illustrations in this book provide information about different creatures' favorite snacks and dining habits. (2), and what can be done during one. (2), When Duck gets tired of working for Farmer Brown (2), Sister Bear enjoys Christmas preparations (2), his ambition to be in charge eventually leads to his being elected President. (2), and humans are ecologically linked. (2), Arthur finds his role as director of the Thanksgiving play a difficult one (2), especially since no one will agree to play the turkey. (2), A little white owl earns the friendship of the more colorful owls he has discovered by entertaining them with beautiful stories. (2), A young monster describes all the things its mother does to show she loves it. (2), Chester Raccoon is worried that his mother does not have enough love for both him and his new baby brother. (2), Hannah has so many collections that her room almost looks like a museum. When her teacher asks her to bring only one collection to school (2), what will it be? (2), A humorous Chinese tale about a couple who meet up with their doubles. (2), This book discusses the first Thanksgiving and the way that holiday is celebrated today. (2), Mr. Pig and the piglets try to cook Mrs. Pig's favorite dish to cheer her up when she's sick. (2), Concepts of price and quantity enter the picture when Mrs. Pig wins a five-minute shopping spree at the supermarket. (2), Explains the concept of a food chain and how plants (2), This book presents the story of how Peter Parker acquired super powers and became Spider-Man. (2), an apparently lazy mouse (2), In this adaptation of A.A. Milne's story (2), Winnie-the-Pooh is walking through the forest when he comes upon a hole (2), and that means Company and Food. Once Pooh goes through the hole (2), will he ever be able to get out? (2), The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie to the Arctic (2), Arthur gets locked in the library with Francine. They need to set aside their differences and work together to find a way out. (2), Chrysanthemum loves her name until she starts going to school and the other children make fun of it. (2), This book describes and illustrates the growth of a pumpkin from seed to flower to full-grown fruit. (2), The traditional story of a beggar who tricks an old woman into making soup from a stone. (2), Mean Mrs. Green is forcing everyone to run in the school election (2), The principal tells the students and the teachers that he would like to have school on Saturday. It is up to Tillie to convince him that it is not a good idea. (2), Mr. and Mrs. Pig and their piglets visit a miniature golf course for Mr. Pig's birthday (2), has a special surprise for the mice who thought he should have been storing up supplies for the winter. (2), he doesn't know they are preparing for a talent show at the county fair. (2), A lovable five-year-old girl starts kindergarten with a hilarious series of misdeeds. (2), A film crew arrives in town (2), A very quiet cricket who wants to rub his wings together and make a sound as do so many other animals finally achieves his wish. (2), Franklin looks for help when he tries to find the best way to show his mother how much he loves her. (2), Curious George goes to the animal shelter where he accidentally lets all the dogs out of their cages and creates quite a ruckus. (2), This is a retelling of the famous story about the three little pigs and the adventures they have with the mischievous wolf. (2), Sister Bear has made it to the school spelling bee (2), but all the practice that Papa Bear has her do only makes her more nervous. (2), This version of the Cinderella story features a troll living under a bridge who finds an invitation to a ball (2), where she dances with Prince Charming. (2), With everyone else sick in bed with a cold on Christmas Eve (2), it is up to Madeline to run the school (2), and she finds a remarkable helper in a rug-selling magician. (2), These five stories describe a a number of things that worry Beany whether she is at home or at school. (2), and Mandy gets the chance to look after some of the animal stars. When the most important animal disappears (2), Although Farmer Brown knows his animals are up to something (2), Mandy and her friend James try to find it before something terrible happens. (2), tries to warn his human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire. (2), especially getting her list ready--but on Christmas morning she realizes what Christmas is really all about. (2), Mama Bear lays down the law when she notices her family is getting chubby. (2), When her father will not let her stay up late to do her homework (2), Spookley is ridiculed for his odd shape until his uniqueness saves the day. (2), Junie creates the strangest job description for career day at school. (2), Sister gets sick and has to stay home from school (2), but it is anything but a quiet day of rest. (2), Tacky the penguin does not fit in with his sleek and graceful companions (2), but his odd behavior comes in handy when hunters come with maps and traps. (2), Explains the processes by which a hamburger and other foods are used to make energy (2), and solid muscles as they pass through the digestive system. (2), The hungry Pig family learns about money and buying power as they turn the house upside down looking for enough money to buy dinner at the local restaurant. (2), animals (2), Though scoffed at by Harold (2), from collecting milk from a cow to putting the flavored milk in a freezer to make it hard. (2), Everyone loves Clifford (2), because Emily Elizabeth has taught him such beautiful manners. (2), Clifford gets left behind when the family goes on vacation and strange things happen. (2), rhyming text and illustrations demonstrate how many pumpkins it takes to fill a wagon and how quickly they add up each time the number is doubled. (2), Emily Elizabeth's class goes on a field trip to a farm at harvesttime. (2), As word spreads around the world that Santa has lost his famous laugh just before Christmas (2), and the reindeer all try to help. (2), In Little Critter's bad dream (2), he drinks a magic potion and changes into a monster that scares everybody into letting him do whatever he wants to do. (2), If you take a mouse to a movie (2), you will have to buy him popcorn! (2), Everyone's favorite maid adds her literal-minded efforts to the Christmas festivities with predictable and humorous results. (2), This book describes the process of making ice cream (2), When Ms. Day's class takes a field trip to an apple orchard (2), That hapless (2), goes along (2), but will he ever get to eat his apple? (2), This nonsense verse is a variation on the classic rhyme about an old lady who swallowed a bat and many more strange creatures (2), including a ghost (2), and an owl. (2), One thing leads to another when you give a pig a party. (2), When the big red dog sets out to do good deeds (2), trouble follows quickly. (2), In this variation on the traditional cumulative rhyme (2), Preston has the feeling that he is being followed. (2), Fluffy the guinea pig suffers many humiliations at the hands of the students in Ms. Day's classroom. (2), When Mucky Pup is banished from the farmhouse for spoiling Christmas (2), he spends the night in the barn with the other animals (2), literal-minded maid Amelia Bedelia is plagued by hilarious misunderstandings. (2), Nearly identical best friends jeopardize their friendship when they bet on who will lose the next tooth. (2), After Will and his sister plant lots of seeds in hopes of winning a prize at the 4-H fair (2), School (2), Bob (2), D.C. (2), life cycle (2), habits (2), cakes (2), Frederick (2), cumulative (2), habitat (2), Chester (2), Mrs. Claus (2), a boy (2), strong bones (2), mysterious house (2), Papa (2), going to church (2), the cat (2), Math - Shapes (2), the elves (2), lost in the forest (2), Auntie (2), and so on. (2), a cat (2), It takes much effort before Sam-I-am can convince another person to try green eggs and ham. (2), The children learn 100 spelling words (2), plant 100 seeds (2), bake 100 cookies (2), and 'do everything the 100 way' to celebrate this special day. (2), Exciting adventures as a little animal and his father encounter a bear and other diversions while camping. (2), thinking that Christmas does not seem like much fun. (2), they are surprised to see the appearance of a giant tomato plant that will not stop growing. (2), Clifford and his friends go to obedience school. (2), the sudden arrival of a zooming fly mysteriously gets the job done. (2), This is the well-known poem about an important Christmas visitor. (2), A little girl and her father tour a dark (2), eventually revealed to be a Halloween House. (2), Clifford the Big Red Dog helps out when an ice-cream machine gets out of control. (2), This book discusses where hurricanes come from (2), what types there are (2), Curious George makes a messy mistake while visiting a new ice cream shop (2), but he redeems himself by attracting customers when he puts together a big sundae in the window. (2), Arthur has to write a story as a homework assignment and keeps changing his idea of what to write as he talks to his friends. (2), Glasses meant being teased until Arthur discovers that four eyes are better and more fun than two. (2), rhyming text explains what might happen if you had a giraffe that stretched another half (2), put on a hat in which lived a rat that looked cute in a suit (2), Although a young child puts off cleaning the bedroom because all the family's pets are asleep there (2), Horus could not believe his first day of school. First grade was nothing like martiangarten (2), A farmer thinks he is getting a bargain when he buys a farm for one dollar until he finds that all the animals are mixed up about what they are supposed to do. (2), no slime table (2), no snooze mats (2), no snacks (2), and the rest of the day didn't go any better. (2), Franklin has a bad day (2), and it doesn't get better until he realizes how to fix the problem. (2), When a bear discovers that the moon shares his birthday (2), he buys the moon a beautiful hat as a present. (2), Junie B. thinks first grade is a flop when her kindergarten friend Lucille prefers the company of twins Camille and Chenille and Junie B. needs glasses. (2), he winds up creating a big mess in the classroom with his paint collection. (2), At the opening of a new toy store (2), Curious George makes a mess and gets into trouble (2), but the owner soon sees that things aren't as bad as they appear. (2), It's the night before the first day of first grade. The new school year starts off with a big surprise for Penny and her best friend. This poem is based on "The Night Before Christmas." (2), but he finally gets control by telling them a spooky story. (2), Francine and Muffy are good friends until Muffy lets Francine take the blame for cheating on a test. (2), and everyone is in for a big surprise. (2), Their friends must decide which party to attend when Muffy schedules her birthday party for the same day as Arthur's. (2), Amelia Bedelia and her niece Effie Lou have come to help Miss Emma take care of her house and garden. (2), Little Critter experiences all the joys of Easter (2), getting his basket (2), dying eggs and finding them during an egg hunt. (2), Duck makes trouble by changing the instructions Farmer Brown leaves for his brother (2), while he is on vacation. (2), A child living in the Arctic learns that a mother's love is unconditional. (2), This is a concept book about sound for beginning readers. (2), When he was a puppy (2), who is a dog trainer (2), thinks Clifford needs to learn obedience (2), but to Emily Elizabeth the big red dog is perfect already. (2), This book describes how cotton is grown (2), Arthur's experience baby-sitting for the terrible Tibble Twins is as challenging as he expected (2), and how that cotton is processed (2), spun into thread (2), woven into cloth (2), cut and sewn to make a T-shirt. (2), This book uses simple text and photographs to describe the history of Valentine's Day and how it is celebrated. (2), Arthur disobeys his Mother by playing a game on her computer which leads to a lesson in responsibility for one's actions. (2), Froggy is nervous about his first day of school; but even though it's hard to sit still (2), he has a wonderful time. (2), Even without snow (2), turkey dinner (2), and a perfect tree (2), Arthur and his family and friends have a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah celebration. (2), Chaos can ensue if you give a moose a muffin and start him on a cycle of urgent requests. (2), This story follows a boy and his mouse through a busy day at school. (2), and get a crash course in simple geometry. (2)
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