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Apr 14, 2018
About My Library

Our current library is modest in size but slowly growing. Our end goal is to have a collection that fills up every room in our house with treasured texts and warm memories. Books are separated by audience and then further organized by our own classification system which is inspired by Dewey and has sections that suit our needs best.

Our current section headers are:

  • 000 - Reference
  • 100 - Religion
  • 200 - Philosophy and Psychology
  • 300 - Trivium
  • 400 - Quadrivium
  • 500 - Liberal Arts
  • 600 - Mechanical Arts
  • 700 - Children's Literature
  • 800 - Literature
  • 900 - The World

About Me

I am an avid reader, heading to the public library every week to absorb more information. Big fan of the classics, philosophy, anthropology, and a healthy mix of how-to's that feed my autodidactic nature. I've moved a lot over the years and with that comes a loss of many treasured books, but my current modest collection brings me a lot of joy. I love nature, making things with my hands, and having a proper laugh.

Bloomington, IN
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