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John Bancroft
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It spills onto the sofa, nightstand, dining room table, sideboard and the floor beside batty's desk. Like his garden, it is unruly and overgrown. Batty dreams of more shelf space but secretly likes the way his books take up residence wherever they damn well please.
About Me
Batty is the catalog-compulsive alter ego of longtime freelance writer and committed contrarian John Bancroft. Why batty? Because he is, and also because he is fond of bats: excellent creatures, fuzzy, fancy flyers, essential to a healthy environment, as well as being linked in the popular imagination with the vampire, that sturdiest and most protean of literary conceits and cultural totems. In a good month he pays the bills as Food & Wine Editor for SARASOTA Magazine and as a contributor to the St. Petersburg Times. He writes most often these days about food, wine, restaurants, travel and art.
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